Code of Conduct

Executive Governance Members,

Officers and Committee Members




The Welsh Crown Green Bowling Association (“WCGBA”) recognises the huge contribution made by voluntary Executive Governance Board Members (“EGB Members”), Officers and Committee Members to the Association. The purpose of this Code is to maintain high standards of conduct, assist EGB Members, Officers and Committee Members in their voluntary role and to protect the best interests of the Association. Conduct within the WCGBA is driven by core values and objectives:

1.1                         promote Crown Green Bowling in Wales with particular regard to uniformity in the game;

1.2                         provide Members with advice and assistance in connection with Crown Green Bowling;

1.3                         represent and protect the interests of Members with the BCGBA and BCGLBA

1.4                         provide Crown Green Bowls related education, training and other services to the Members and to the Public;

1.5                         undertake all other things that are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.


This Code of Conduct for EGB Members, Officers and Committee Members is part of the WCGBA overall set of codes.


EGB Members, Officers and Committee Members should hold their position primarily for their knowledge, skills set and experience and their ability to actively contribute to the running of the WCGBA.



1.    to act in accordance with the WCGBA constitution, and to use powers only for the purposes for which they were conferred

2.    to promote the success of the WCGBA for the benefit of its members

3.    to exercise independent judgment

4.    to exercise reasonable care, skill and diligence

5.    to avoid conflicts of interest

6.    not to accept benefits from third parties

7.    to declare to the WCGBA’S other EGB Members any interest an EGB Member has in a proposed transaction or arrangement with the WCGBA (this also applies to Officers and Committee Members).


As an EGB Member, Officer or Committee Member I will:

ü  promote and embed the values, aims and policies of the WCGBA

ü  act only in the interests of WCGBA and not on behalf of any constituency or interest group (the knowledge and understanding that each Board member brings from their own experience is highly valued but Board members are not allowed to act as representatives of any constituency or interest group)

ü  establish and maintain robust and comprehensive governance processes and regulations

ü  actively contribute to the effective work of the Board by:

o   thorough preparation and reading all papers which have been circulated prior to meetings;

o   regular attendance, participation and contribution at meetings including constructive challenge;

o   ensuring timely response to agreed actions, requests for information and guidance from fellow EGB Members and the CEO;

o   attend the AGM and any other General Meetings as well as WCGBA events (as and when required)

o   deal with issues of clarification “offline” before Board meetings if it relates to a Board agenda item and maintain a sharp focus on agenda items in meetings, to ensure meetings run to time and that time is utilised to best effect

ü  attend meetings of Committees and Advisory/Working Groups which I either Chair or sit in membership

ü  attempt to reach decisions by consensus

ü  attend relevant training events and take reasonable steps to ensure that I am aware of the development of public policy and other issues which may affect the role and work of WCGBA


It is vital that EGB Members, Officer and Committee Members:

·         listen and respect the views of others

·         seek positive and constructive resolution to those issues where differences in opinion exist and where a vote is taken accept the decision of the majority

·         respect the office of the Chairman of the meeting, to ensure the orderly conduct of meetings

·         observe the highest ethical standards of impartiality, integrity and objectivity in relation to the stewardship of funds and the management of WCGBA

·         act in a way considered to be in good faith and would be most likely to promote the success of the WCGBA for the benefit of its members as a whole 

·         maximise value for money through ensuring that services are delivered in the most economical, efficient and effective way, within available resources

·         maintain focus on the strategic development of WCGBA through planning, prioritising, performance monitoring and evaluation

·         take lead responsibility for any of the delegated Committees and Advisory/Working Groups when required and as directed by the Executive Governance Board, Chairman or CEO

·         support fellow EGB Members and the CEO in their leadership of the organisation

·         seek to work effectively with the CEO [and vice versa] to advise, guide, enable and support

·         respect the rights, dignity and worth of all people involved in the WCGBA, regardless of gender, race, marital status, colour, disability, sexuality, age, occupation, religion or political opinion

·         at all times act as an ambassador and advocate for WCGBA promoting the Association’s key messages and always presenting the Association and its people in a positive light


I will not

Ř  attempt to exercise individual authority over WCGBA other EGB Members, Officers or Committee Members and volunteers except as explicitly set forth in Board policies (including lead responsibility areas)

Ř  consume alcoholic drinks or illegal substances or smoke during Board meetings or Committee Meetings


Declarations of Interest

All Board members are required to:

·         complete and sign the Declaration of Interests form(s)

·         ensure that private or personal financial interest never influences their decisions

·         ensure that they do not use their position as a Board member for personal gain

·         disclose to the CEO or Chair any direct or indirect pecuniary interest or other interests which are not pecuniary but which could influence judgment or give the impression that the Board or EGB Member was acting for personal motives

·         note that the Chairman of Board meetings has the right to request that a EGB Member withdraws from any meeting or any part  of a meeting when any such conflict of interest exists


In the event of an EGB Member considering that another Board member has an interest which should be disclosed, he/she has a duty to report that matter immediately to the CEO or Chairman of the meeting.



EGB Members, Officers and Committee Members should not pass any information gained through their involvement with WCGBA to a third party without the approval of the Chair.

Outside Activities

EGB Members, Officers and Committee Members should consider themselves at all times as being potentially regarded as ambassadors of WCGBA and should, therefore, ensure that none of their other activities has the effect of bringing the WCGBA into disrepute.


EGB Members, Officers and Committee Members’ conduct may be considered to be unsatisfactory when a breach this Code or legal obligations has occurred.

In cases where there is concern that a Board member’s, Officer’s or Committee Member’s conduct may be considered unsatisfactory, the following procedure will be adopted:

·         The CEO will arrange for an investigation of any allegation of misconduct to be undertaken to establish the facts

·         The CEO will invite two members of the Executive Governance Board to form a Misconduct Panel with him to consider the facts and to determine what action should be taken; if the complaint concerns the CEO then the Chair of the EGB will convene the Panel

·         The Panel will determine what action shall be taken

·         The action that will be taken will depend upon the seriousness of the misconduct and any previous misconduct

In cases of serious misconduct, the Panel will seek a voluntary resignation from the Board, Officer Post or Committee and if such resignation is not forthcoming, formal procedures will be taken in accordance with WCGBA Disciplinary Procedures.

A Board member, Officer or Committee Member has the right to appeal against any decision made and may make an appeal by writing to the Chair of the Executive Governance Board within 14 days of being notified of the decision by the Misconduct Panel setting out the grounds on which they are appealing.

The full Executive Governance Board (excluding the original Panel members and any appellant Board member) will hear any such appeal. The Chair may request up to two additional members of the organisation, with relevant experience, to be seconded, with voting rights, for the appeal meeting if the remaining members of the Board do not have a quorum.  A Board member will act as Chairman of the appeal discussion and the Board’s decision will be final.

In cases where the CEO feels it is appropriate, he may suspend the relevant member from attendance at meetings of the Board and any Committees while the matter is being investigated.

Board Member Grievances

This procedure for individual grievances covers those matters which are specific to the EGB Member in relation to his/her service as a Board member not to any general grievances.

If the Chair has a grievance about another Board member, he/she should raise the matter directly with the Board member in question. If no resolution is found, the Chair will raise the matter in writing, to the Vice Chair, who will investigate and determine the appropriate course of action in consultation with the Officers.

If an EGB Member wishes to raise a grievance, they should write to the Chair setting out the reasons for the Grievance. 

If the grievance relates to another Board member or the CEO, the Chair should investigate and determine the appropriate course of action. If the grievance relates to the Chair, then the Vice Chair should receive the grievance in writing, investigate and determine the appropriate course of action. If the grievance is in relation to an Officer or Committee Member the CEO will investigate and determine the appropriate course of action.

If the EGB Member is not satisfied with the reply which would normally be sent within 14 days of the original grievance, they may appeal to the Chair or Vice Chair if they have been dealing with the grievance, in writing outlining the grounds for the appeal.

The appeal will be referred to a Board Grievance Appeals Panel; the composition of this panel will be determined by the Chair or Vice Chair if the original grievance was concerning the Chair, and will comprise of three members of the Board.

Appeals will normally be heard within 14 days of lodging the appeal. The decision of the panel is final; there is no further appeal under any circumstances.


I confirm that I have read and understand this Executive Governance Board, Officer and Committee Member Code of Conduct document:-


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This agreement reflects the hopes and intentions of the WCGBA and the volunteer agreeing to take on this role.