Policy for dealing with General Complaints


The Welsh Crown Green Bowling Association (“the WCGBA”) is responsible for setting and maintaining standards to members (including Life Members, Area Associations, Leagues, Societies, Clubs and players) and is committed to dealing with any complaint equitably, comprehensively and in a timely manner.


1.    Dealing with General Complaints

The emphasis of the General Complaints Procedures of the WCGBA will be on the early resolution of problems with a minimum of disruption to members. 

·         All complaints will be dealt with sympathetically, fairly and honestly. 

·         Responses to complaints will be as full and detailed as possible. 

·         If the WCGBA its Officers, Executive Governance Board (“EGB”) Members, committee members, volunteers or usual processes are found to be at fault that will be acknowledged and the complainant will be informed of any future action to be taken to prevent similar problems occurring again.


2.    General Complaints

A general complaint that is not linked in any way to an action that might be associated with a criminal, disciplinary, anti-doping or safeguarding offence is defined as:

·         an expression of dissatisfaction about an action (or inaction) or decision (or policy) of the WCGBA as an Association, or by one of its Officers, or by an EGB Member or other volunteer  acting in any capacity on behalf of the Association

·         a complaint may initially be made verbally (the complainant will be asked to follow it up in writing in the majority of cases), or in writing, either by letter, fax or e-mail


3.    Who will deal with complaints

In all cases the complaint will be directed to the most appropriate person:

(See Table overleaf)



Person/body against whom complaint is made

Initial response

Response to the Complaint

Additional/subsequent response if complaint not satisfied

The WCGBA or one or more of its Executive Governance Board or Officers

Standard letter, email or FAX confirming receipt of complaint and name of person to whom the complaint has been referred

Chief Executive 

Chair of the EGB (unless the complaint is about the Chair then the matter will be referred to the Vice Chair)

Chief Executive Officer

Chair of the EGB


Committee Members

Chair of the Committee (unless the complaint is about the Chair then the CEO)

CEO unless the CEO is the line manager then the matter will be referred to the Chair of the EGB

Person working on behalf of the WCGBA as a volunteer e.g. coach, tournament official, Selector, Team Manager

The Chair of the Committee  member of responsible for the relevant area of work e.g. National Performance, Development, Finance etc.


Chair or other EGB Member with lead responsibility


4.    Process

All general complaints will be acknowledged in writing by letter, email or fax usually within 3 working days of receipt. The acknowledgement will confirm the person to whom the complaint has been directed and inform the complainant of the procedure that will be followed in dealing with the matter and if possible the likely timescale. A standard initial response format should be used.

The person receiving the complaint will either deal with it themselves or pass it to the appropriate person to deal with, as shown above.

The person dealing with the complaint will:

·         Determine the facts of the matter as required – actions to determine the facts will vary on a case by case basis

·         Keep the complainant informed of progress with regard to their complaint, particularly important if there is likely to be a delay in answering the complaint for any reason

·         Write to the complainant answering their concerns and giving explanation(s) where appropriate within 14 days unless a longer period is required in order to obtain information

If the complainant is not satisfied with the response the person who has dealt with the complaint will endeavour to resolve any further issues raised and will respond again in writing.

In the event that the complainant is still not satisfied the complaint will be referred to the subsequent responder as indicated above or their equivalent. Any subsequent correspondence will be dealt with within the same timescales.

The WCGBA should not enter into lengthy and extended correspondence with the complainant once the original complaint and any subsequent substantive issues have been answered and/or resolved as far as the WCGBA is concerned.  The Chief Executive or Chair of the EGB as appropriate should bring the matter to a close, in the most amicable way possible, if they believe that nothing will be gained by either party through continuance of the discussions.