Anthony Bailey


Coming from the most famous family within the game, Anthony Bailey is seen as something as a bowling expert and a ruthless competitor at both County level and among Competition Bowls. Anthony is a natural, a born winner and a fighter on the bowling green! With a huge wealth of experience to call from and with a huge variety of shots, including one of the most accurate strikes within the game Anthony is clearly respected by each and every person within the game and rightly so!


Anthony is one of the most successful Bowlers in the Wales at present. He has represented his Country dozens upon dozens of times; playing some of the most high profile players within the game of bowls and winning most of his matches, having a fantastic win to loss ratio at County level. Just this season, at Craig-y-don Bowling Club, representing Wales, Anthony Bailey was pitted against Derbyshire’s Andy Sprague, a high calibre, house hold name within the game and playing in front of a huge, loud capacity crowd of supporters both men went to war! It was clearly the highlight match of the Welsh campaign and both players tore strips out of each other as they battled like gladiators in order to gain the edge over their opponent to try and guide their respected sides to victory as it was the last game of the County match up! And, it was Anthony Bailey who was the first man to sink his teeth in as he won the early exchange to dominate the Derbyshire top dog and to lead the Welsh home side to victory in a Man of the Match performance in a game that I am sure Anthony and his proud son Jesse will never ever forgot!


At competition level Anthony Bailey has won just about everything within his local area including the prestigious and highly sought after Llandudno Baxter Cup, the very competitive Dicken Cup as well as titles at the Hawksbury Open Singles in Flintshire and the St.Asaph Open in the Glyndwr area. And, like his brother John, Anthony is not averse to travelling the length and breadth of the United Kingdom is search of high level competition and has qualified for a number of major finals in Manchester, Cheshire and beyond making Anthony one of the most notable and most highly competitive Bowlers hailing from Wales.


Anthony is an annual entrant in the Welsh Merit has qualified for the last 16 a number of times, this year winning the event outright and becoming the 2010 Welsh Senior Merit Champion, convincingly beating Carl Bonnatti in the final of the event to fulfil a life time ambition and to become the second family member to hold the crown. Anthony also played at this seasons All England Tournament, representing Wales as their Champion.


Anthony Bailey is a focussed, driven and highly talented Bowls Player who has vast experience and an incredible variety of options within his bowling war chest. Anthony is a popular and likeable player off the Bowling Green and a warrior on the Green, often snarling his own woods into submission during some of his close and competitive matches. Anthony is a treat to watch as a player as he imposes his will to win and darn right determination into the each game he plays, incorporating his finesse touch bowling and aggressive counter striking at every opportunity. Anthony Bailey is a phenomenal player and deserves all the accolades he has received in the game to this point and he would love to add a WPA Title to his endless list of bowling achievements. And, who could bet against him! He is the Champion of Wales after all!