Bye Law 5

A new sentence has been added 'Clubs must have Primary Affiliation to a County Association and cannot change their Primary Affiliation to another County Association without the approval of their current County Association or the BCGBA.'.


Bye Laws 22, 23 and 24

These Bye Laws are now deleted and replaced with 'The anti-doping rules of the BCGBA are the UK Anti-Doping Rules published by UK Anti-Doping (or its successor), as amended from time to time. Such rules shall take effect and be construed as rules of the BCGBA.'.

These changes are to comply with the guidance issued by UK Anti-Doping. The current UK Anti-Doping Policy and UK Anti-Doping Rules can be found on the BCGBA website at





Junior County Championship


Rule 1

The date of eligibility to play in this competition has now reverted to 'players shall not have reached the age of 18 years on 1st January of the year of the competition.'.

This allows players how become 18 during the season to continue playing for the Juniors that year.


Rule 3

The Rule passed at last years Rules Revision Meeting has been overturned and the Junior Counties will now play in an open draw with other Counties and not on a zoned basis.


This year Wales Juniors play;                 Merseyside 11th May

                                                                 Cumbria     8th June

                                                     &         Greater Manchester 13th July


Veterans County Championship


Rule 4

The following has been deleted  'on the 1st January of the year of the competition'.

This allows players who become 60 during the season to play in that years competition.



Veterans Individual Competition


Rule 1

'On the 1st January'   has been deleted to bring this competition in line with the Veterans County Championship.


Rule 1

All games shall be 21up off five. Has now been changes to 'off three'.

This will mean that the Welsh Veterans Merit will also be off 3 instead of 5.



World Club Championship


Rule 3

After the sentence 'Players named on the squad list must have been registered playing members for that Club during the qualifying season' and in the current season.

 has been added.

This is to ensure that players were registered members of the club in the qualifying season and are still registered members of the club when they play in the World Club Championship Competition.


That concludes my report on the Rules Revision Meeting, can I thank the Members of the Welsh Crown Green how attended Mathew Foster, Sandra West, and Dave Walker; also Brenda Jones who attended on behalf of the BCGLA.

Wales put 3 proposals into the meeting, two on the Juniors and the alteration to the handicapping on the Veterans Competition and all were successful.


Wales have 5 qualifiers for this years Senior Merit in Yorkshire.


The following is a list of  Welsh Clubs who obtained an Open Contest Certificate from the BCGBA in 2013;

Abergele, Aston,  Bradley Park,  Chirk CC,  Colwyn Bowls Festival,  Esclusham,

Hawkesbury,  Highbury,  Llysfaen,  Sychdyn,  St Asaph and Trefnant.


Could I please remind everyone that if your Club holds an open Competition which invites players from outside Wales that you must apply to the BCGBA for an Open Competition Certificate as well as a WCGBA Open Competition Certificate.


This concludes my report and I wish you all a successful season to come.


Peter Higham

BCGBA Representative