Chris Charlton


Chris Charlton is more than likely seen as the proverbial under dog here today as his CV reads a little shorter than some of the other WPA Finals day qualifiers. However, Chris has made a bowling career out of beating adversity and coming out of the other side for the better and today may be no different as Chris Charlton prepares to stand toe to toe with some of the greatest players in Wales.


Injury has hampered Chris Charlton over the last few years and did for a while severely hampered his development as a Bowler. However, never has Chris complained and never has Chris been down on himself! Oh no! On the contrary! In actual fact, Chris Charlton’s injury has actually spurred this young bowler into battling on to try and find his path within the sport and suddenly, it looks as though his die hard perseverance and iron will to be up there as one of the best has finally paid off and Chris Charlton is now bowling as well as anybody out there and is commanding the respect of his fellow players and the rest of the bowling communities.


Chris Charlton is a fun loving young man with a fantastic sense of humour who has a massive passion for playing the game of bowls. Chris has been a regular player and a regular winner in the North Wales Coast League Second Division with his local side, Fron Park and is a regular member of the highly competitive Sunny Rhyl team who are annually challenging for the Blackwell Hydraulics Welsh Counties League (Super League) Title where Chris is a regular winner for his club having an impressive win to loss ration.


Chris has shown wonderful form in qualifying for this event in what is his very first year within the WPA and has clearly been the breakthrough player of the season! Chris is a player who can bowl a variety of different marks and has excellent touch bowling skill that has helped him forge his way this year and helped his reputation increase ten fold! Chris Charlton is a warrior, a man who will roll his sleeves up and fight for victory! Chris will never give up and he will certainly not bow to players with a larger fame than his own and it is this never say die attitude that has helped Chris Charlton become the man and the bowler that he is today!


Chris Charlton has bags of skill and loads of raw talent and is beginning to unleash it all this season with some top class bowling and although he may well have come into this event as an under dog, Chris Charlton is definitely a player who has ‘the game’ and the darn right ability to turn heads and stamp his own name all over this Welsh Player Association Championship! Chris Charlton is as self assured as any other player here today and at 24 years old he is fearless! In his own eyes and in his own heart Chris Charlton knows he can win this event today and that is a dangerous state of mind to be in for anybody playing against this fantastic player!