Daniel Jones


At the age of just 21 years old Daniel Jones was and still is the proverbial ‘Prodigy’ of Welsh bowling! Having come from a bowling family, Daniel is a 3rd generation bowler who has had to hone is game under the immense pressure of being the son of Wales Team manager, Geraint Jones! Meaning, Daniel Jones has had the eyes of the bowling worlds watching his every single move since the day he first stepped onto a bowling green! A situation that many young, less grounded Men would have crumbled under!


Daniel has a fantastic temperament on the green and is as cool as a cucumber during the most intense of situations. Nothing fazes Daniel Jones, nothing at all! This is of course due to the ‘game’ that does posses as he has grown into a remarkable talent and an incredible player who has a huge variety of shots in his arsenal and a mass of bowling experience that is well beyond a man of such youth!


As a Junior player Daniel was a feared opponent and was crowned the Welsh Junior Merit Champion in 2007 after defeating a host of up and coming players. And, at the tender age of just 13 years old he miraculously over came a star studded field to win the adults Senior Gwynedd Merit Championship in 2002 which made Daniel Jones the youngest ever player to win that event, proving that he was indeed a star player of the future.


Daniel’s ability has since sky rocketed and he is now a feared County bowler who has won at least 20 caps for Wales playing on some of the most brutal Bowling Greens in the United Kingdom. Daniel has an outstanding aggregate record for Wales his performances, beating some highly rated players in their own back yard and has also had a string of superb Open competition performances in his area and neighbouring counties. In 2008, Daniel qualified for the finals of the inaugural Welsh Players Association tournament and was proudly crowned the winner and Champion at the age of just 19 years old. Another record that may never be beaten such is the supreme level of competition that this Tournament houses!


Daniel Jones is another player who plays a lot of club bowls, taking part in three different Leagues. On a Tuesday night Daniel is one of the first names on the Captains team sheet at the Star studded Deganwy team that competitively take part in the Blackwell Hydraulics Welsh Counties League (Super League) and is a leader of the Club’s averages. On a Wednesday night Daniel Jones is a member of the Craig-y-don set up in the Llandudno and Colwyn Midweek League and is a regular winner and an annual contender for the Leagues averages. And, finally Daniel Jones is a part of the successful Deganwy Team who are in consistently challenging for the First Division of the North Wales Coast League, where Daniel is a regular winner and a kingpin of the team.


Daniel is without doubt one of the best players in Wales at present and is getting better and better all the time which is scary! Daniel has a truly rounded game and the ability to play in different conditions and on a variety of different green types. Daniel is more than a ‘Prodigy’ and more than just another young bowler who is on the up and up! Daniel is there! Daniel is ready! And, Daniel has more experience and know how than Gentlemen three times his age! Daniel Jones is a ready made star!