Drakes Pride Junior County Match


††††††††††††††††† 8th June 14


††††††††††††††††† Wales v Cumbria


Home Venue: Llandudno Oval BC


Match Report:


The green at the Oval was in immaculate condition and running well considering the downpours experienced in the previous 48 hrs. The club made everyone very welcome during the match and were of great help with organizing practice sessions.

Well done to a good club and a very good green.


Dylan Williams 21 15 Zach Walker : This was a very tight game with both players taking to the green and was level at 9 across before Dylan got on one of his usual awkward marks and went to 20-11. Two twos from Zach made the game closer before Dylan finished the game off winning to 15. Good opening performance.


Steffan Williams 1521 Jordan Park : Steffan struggled in this one against a confident Cumbria reserve who took his opportunity of promotion from reserve. On a long hard mark Jordan went into a 13 3 lead and Steffan did well to get this back to 15 12 before Jordan regained control winning to 15. Well fought by Steffan when it looked pretty grim to get the points he did on not one of his best days.


Callum Graves 21 12 Ben Pullin : Like game 1 this was nip and tuck to start with and went to 9 across as well and from there Callum played well and took control making good use of the green to finish a good performance as 21 12 winner.


Ryan Short 21 11 Harry Thomset : Ryan dominated this one from the start amassing seven twos and restricting his opponents scoring. Other than a bizarre intervention from the referee ( ask Ryan, itís not for me to put on here) this could have been even more convincing, good performance from Ryan.


Callum Sorfleet 21 8 Emily Tyson : Without taking anything away from our middle 4 who all won to single figures there can be no doubt that the Cumbria middle 4 were weaker than the rest of the team. That said our middle 4 players all took full advantage and you can only beat what is put in front of you. Callum played well with seven twos to beat the reserve Emily to 8.


Harry Lawton 21 5 Josh Smith : Harry got our biggest win of the day and took the cash again dominating this match against probably their youngest player. Harry played well on a long hard mark claiming eight twos winning to 5. Harry was chosen by the Cumbria Manager as Wales Man of the Matchfor the second game running. Well done to Harry!


Sam Whitehead 21 9 Shannon Kuchynski : Sam played well in this one and bounced back well after losing the previous match at Merseyside. Again the two count was high with Sam amassing seven twos. How do you pronounce Shannons surname again Trevor?


Sion Guto Roberts 21 7 Patrick McCormack : Sion played well especially with one bowl to lead 20 3 and the sweep was nearly there but two late twos from Patrick robbed Sion of the sweep but still a good performance at 21 7


Cai Hughes 17 21 Nathan Borrowski : The first of the last four and againsta back four from Cumbria of considerable ability. I did not see a lot of this one as Cai tends to go about his game quietly. When I spoke to him after he was not overly pleased with his game but judging by the quality of Cumbrias last 4 players I think he was probably being a bit hard on himself, after all you will always get some loose bowls on the Oval, its that sort of green.


Jessie Buckland 8 21 Jamie Boardman : Jessie came up against a very good opponent here and didnít play as well as I have seen him but without the jack the Oval can be unforgiving. Jessie will bounce back from this one straight away I am sure.


Dion Pritchard 21 18 Daniel Edmunds : Dion struggled to start with against a very good and very confident opponent who raced to a 15 5 lead. Dion dug in well though and from that point played very close bowls and with great spirit to win this one to 18.

Dion seemed to enjoy being the focus of attention when last on the green and took the pressure well. Would have been my choice for man of the match, great comeback. Well done.


Connor Fowler 2 21 Keiron Clark : Fresh from a superb last man performance at Mersyside this was never going to be a repeat by Connor. From the start Keiron played exceptionally with very close bowls and never left Connor an easy opening. Connor was probably relieved when he got on the scorecard with this one but remember Keiron is a previousCumbria junior merit and senior merit winner so a class opponent. No disgrace on Connor he will bounce back next match, it happens to everyone sometimes.


Overall good win home and away. Well Done Wales, bring on Manchester.