With a packed calender of League, Area, County and British games to get through in a typical season some faces keep popping up. They will be players, officials and others folk around the greens. Some of these faces we know well, others are familiar but you may not know them really well. What better way to get to know some of these characters a little better than with a series of brief profiles; a little insight into their personality.


We start the series with our current President Danuta Price, and with such an unusual Christian name, where better place to begin.

A quick look at 'meaning of names' websites reveals that Danuta comes from a Hebrew word meaning God is judge. Our Danuta's name has Polish/Lituanian origins meaning Gift from God and some say Little Dear. Danuta is a popular name in the US. We all know her as Dusia.


Dusia is originally from Cardiff, and moved to North Wales in 1976. She worked in the Tax Office from 1977 to 2006 as a Revenue Officer but has also worked as a Clerical Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

She took up bowls in 1984 after her husband started to play, but it wasn't until she took up the Secretary's job for the North Wales Parks that Dusia got into management. She then went on to join the Glyndwr Area Management and to act as Treasurer for the Clwydian Ladies League before going on to become an Area representative on the WCGBA - providing a small buffet after the meetings.


Dusia is registered with three bowling teams but has put her playing aside for this, her President's year.


As a player, Dusia knows all about the highs and lows of the game. One of her best bowling moments was beating Keith Bailey at Benllech about seven years ago.


Dusia, surprisingly is a much traveled lady, with India, Kenya, Mauritius, the Caribbean, Sri Lanka, Spain, Greece, Gambia, Malta and Tunisia under her belt.


Apparantly anyone with the name Danuta is 'inquisitive, lively, friendly, frank and direct.' She is also charming and communicative. I'm sure these are qualities we recognise in our Dusia.

She is energetic and hard working. No task is too big or too small from selling programmes and raffle tickets, marking cards, making and serving teas to helping organise some of our major competitions. She is warm and friendly and is never too busy to help if she can.


They also have a sensitive nature which can make them shy if this is true, our Danuta hides it well. She is fun loving and game for a laugh- see the Gallery.


'I once got stuck in a lift when visiting my parents in Cardiff and had to be rescued by the fire service.'


Dusia enjoys listening to Tom Jones and Barry White and her favourite comedy show of the moment is 'Mrs Brown's Boys'.

She is not afraid to ask for help from someone she respects when she is unsure of anything and does get annoyed at people who don't seek advice from others.


Danutas' are also creative as some of us know well. She loves sugarcraft as a hobby that's decorating cakes to you and me but highly skillful and very artistic. She makes and decorates cakes to raise money for charity The Motor Neurone Society of Colwyn Bay has benefited from her efforts and she make cakes to sell at Abergele Bowling Club Christmas Fayre to help raise funds for the Club. She has also made special cakes for other occasions including a wedding, and made some lovely table centres for the WCGBA Hall of fame Dinner a couple of years ago.


She takes the future of the game very seriously and would really love to see more people getting involved in the running of clubs and County events members of all ages have a contribution to make. She believes it is essential to get involved in organisation at club level to start with. 'There's so much more to our game than just playing'.

She would also encourage all players at club and county to be 'team players'. Whilst individual performances are a sense of pride, together any team is stronger.

For Dusia, to enjoy life is to share interests with those who are important to her. She makes a good hostess as her 2017 presidency has brought out and she feels intense pride serving as the Welsh Crown Green President for this year.



Gallery Photos.

Selling programmes at the British Junior Merit 2015. I pensive mood at the Junior game with Staffordshire 2017. Two photos at the Welsh Referees Tournament 2017.

Senior Merit 2017 with Kieron Roberts. Enjoying a pork sandwich at the Welsh Vet's Merit 2017.