First of all, thought once again, the support and noise level at home was very poor .....but also, have to take into account, it was a very cold, unpleasant afternoon, even for the bowlers

1. Rabbit, Mr dependable always comfortable throughout, job done to 11 and sure it would have been a lot better if the green had a few more yards of pace

2. Mally, bad start and always chasing the game, something that you will never get away with, with the likes of Penders, hanged on in there though and a very good 16 at the end

3. Hallett, Stuart had a game plan from the off !! and paid off very good style, Hallett 0-9 on the shelter edge and not doing a great deal wrong, got a pair in the wrong corner for me to get going!! ..but then went 3 - 20 down on the same edge, fought for every point though and did well for his 8 in the end

4. J.J. Again, a bad start for Jason's history and took a bit to get going, but when it mattered, dug deep,found one and a very worthy win to 18

5. Franny, never been away .. just like Rabbit, always comfortable and never any doubt on the win ( 7 )
6. Balony, maybe a tad nervous ? or just liked looking at the low flying aircrafts ...serioulsy, Brian played the green well and made his two's !!....with Tony struggling all through the game to make his mark

7. Rocky, 20 sweep he shouts ..but at 13 across, aye, aye, game on here game of the day in my view for both players playing some marvellous bowls, nip and tuck till the end, but never in doubt ( 19)

8. Curbs, off to a flyer and should have been off to 5 ....but full marks on his debut game, Phil Brown, also a debut game, went on the same edge as Stuart Pratt ...Curbs hanged on in there, got out to 16 and really enjoyed a well deserved roll up

9. Lewi, just like J.J. slow start, game on, but found and played some great stuff to finish to 15 when it mattered

10. Langford, looked comfortable, but again, game on with Jamie keeping with John at 12 across, John crept away with a very good performance to finish to 17

11. Mr Charlton, what can l say but, smoochie, smoochie from start to finish who used the green to it's full potencial !! the most stupid mark, but can really make you look a pratt (with respect to Shane) a well deserved Welsh MOM

12. Kev Nick, a rarity, never at the races from start to finish and was the first to admit it not sure if it was the coldness, but one thing for sure, would not like to be the next man that plays him

All in all, a very good result, especially with both greens not as was wished for !!!!but a tremendous result at Coundon to which l understand from the N Midlands official, have NEVER lost there before today

I understand, South Yorkshire have beaten Derbyshire by 6 overall, next game, Wales v South Yorkshire 6th June

Massive thanks to our hosts today at Broughton, they could have done no more