Funding Opportunities for BCGBA affiliated clubs

BCGBA has partnered with sport grant funding experts, WCTD Ltd. If your club is interested in seeking grants to develop, the following support is available: 


       Production of a list of suitable grant funders for Bowls clubs – See below           Funding enquiry form 

       Individual club funding support (chargeable) 


This list of suitable grant opportunities for our clubs is free to download from our website and will be updated every 6 months. Further details on how WCTD Ltd can help your club is available at


Below shows a list of funders for equipment and small capital projects.  

Please note that funding opportunities are constantly changing. It is advisable to check the funders website direct for the most up to date information

Asda Foundation 

The ASDA Foundation assists charities, people and projects within the UK that require financial assistance. Complete the eligibility checker if this fits the Foundations guidelines and criteria contact your local store, depot or home office – Community Life Champion to see if this is something they would like to work on with you and support locally. 

Approx. £250 

Awards for All 

Provided by the National Lottery. Grants are available for voluntary groups, schools, local authorities and health bodies in England to carry out projects that will improve their local community. 

Up to £10,000 ards‐For‐All 

Awards for All – Big Lottery Fund Wales 

AWA fund projects which support community activity, extend access and participation, increase skill and creativity or generally improve the quality of life of people in their area 

£5,000 nt/programmes/wales/awards‐for‐all‐wales 

Banks Community Fund 

Support for community and environmental projects in areas close to a current or proposed Banks Group operation in Britain.



Biffa Award 

Main Grants Programme ‐ Community 


Main grants are available for community projects located within the vicinity of a Biffa operation that focus on improving quality of life and fostering vibrant communities. 


Via community buildings or recreation programme  Small Grants Award scheme‐ Small grants are available to support community‐led organisations who aim to improve the quality of life in their community. Use postcode checker for eligibility 

£5,000 ‐ £50,000



Community Fund

Grants are available to provide or improve community facilities in the vicinity of a CEMEX operation. Use postcode checker for eligibility

Up to £15,000 



Programme ‐ Wales 

The Coalfields Regeneration Trust has been actively working in Wales since 1999, investing more than £16 million in community regeneration over the last 14 years.  We are funded by the Welsh Government and are our work is delivered by a dedicated staff team to meet Welsh priorities. Development officers work with and within the community to tackle the issues that most affect the prosperity, resilience and opportunities available to people living within these communities  




Programme – Bro


They are seeking grant applications for projects which increase participation in sport and physical activity following consultation with local people who wanted to see more projects with a focus on increasing activity to support improved health and wellbeing in the Bro Aberffraw area 

Not specified rteen/BroAberffraw 


Fund for Wales 

Grants of £500 ‐ £1,000 will be awarded to small, volunteerdriven community organisations including those who aim to create healthier and more active people and communities 


Galaxy Hot

Chocolate Fund 

Galaxy are looking for small community projects and groups to fund. They will award 70 £300 donations across the UK and Ireland. Five donations will be awarded each week. Four by the judges panel and one by the peoples choice award to the organisation which has received the most votes. This is open until 26th February 2017. 


One Stop Carriers for Causes 

Grants are available to local non‐profit organisations and groups for projects within two miles of a One Stop store in Great Britain that benefit local communities by helping to improve lives and local places. Check postcode for eligibility 

£1,000 p 

Persimmon Homes 

Monthly entry to be considered for a small community grant via their website 

Up to £1,000 


Community Trust 

Postcode Community Trust was established in 2014 to provide financial support to charities and community groups that support environmental protection, community development, and engagement in sport, advancement of health, promotion of human rights and prevention of poverty. 


Charities in Scotland, Wales and the North of England can apply from £500 ‐ £20,000 to deliver projects that positively impact their local community, while other organisations can apply for up to £2000. 

Up to £20,000 


SITA Trust – Primary Fund

(larger grants) Smaller project fund 

Primary Fund offers up to £50,000 to not for profit organisations wishing to improve facilities for the benefit of the general public. Smaller Project Fund offers up to £20,000 to not for profit organisations wishing to improve facilities for the general public but with a shorter delivery timeframe. Check eligibility via postcode checker on website. 

Up to £50,000 

Sport Wales –

community chest grants. 

Community Chest offers grant awards up to £1,500 in any 12 months towards Increasing participation and/or Improving standards. They will not pay for maintenance or replacement of facilities. 


Tesco Bags of Help grants program 

Grants are available for capital improvements to local community greenspaces in England, Scotland and Wales. 

£5,000 munityscheme/pages/Category/apply‐for‐aboh‐grant‐tes2 




Supports a wide range of community and environmental projects throughout the UK. Check their website postcode eligibility link 

Up to £100,000 




Each month, Waitrose branches around the country will distribute £1,000 between three local projects, through its ‘community matters’ giving initiative. Through this scheme, Waitrose will allocate £1,000 a month to each of its 190 branches to distribute amongst three local community projects as chosen by its customers and employees. 

unspecified /home/inspiration/community_matters.html 

Waste Recycling Enviromental


Support for environmental and community‐based projects in areas of England, Scotland and Wales close to Waste Recycling Group landfill sites. Projects must provide public amenities or parks; there is a small grants or main grants programme. Check eligibility criteria first. 

Up to £75,000 



Community Endownment


The Wrexham Community Endowment Fund is an umbrella of Funds and donations dedicated to enhancing education and strengthening communities in Wrexham

£750‐community‐ endowment‐fund