History of the “Binns” Cup.


The cup being played for today was presented in 1930 by Mr William Binns a member of the Rhos on Sea Bowling Club that was formed in 1923. The cup was known as the Denbighshire Challenge Trophy and was played for by teams in both the East and West areas where they played off in each area and then played a final match in alternative areas

The first winner of the trophy when played for in 1930 was Parciau BC from the East area and the first in the West was Old Colwyn BC in 1933. In the finals of the Binns Cup until well into the 1970’s the benefit to the players was the presentation of a  badge and a tea after the match close to the Bowling Green and the match was played in alternative areas each season.

Following Council reorganisation in 1975 the areas were renamed East and West Glyndwr. In 1982 the separate Glyndwr Association was brought into being and the East renamed as the Wrexham Association. The Binns Cup was then contested for by just 13 clubs of the Association some of those all submitting more than one team. The first winners in 1982 were Rhos Park BC. The winners of the Binns Cup then go on to represent the Association in the Welsh Club Championship and if successful to the BCGBA club Championship.

Following further reorganisation in 1997 more clubs from the East of the area joined the Glyndwr Association bring the Association up to 28 clubs however not all clubs chose to enter clubs in the Binns Cup

The first winners in 1997 were Sunny Rhyl who have won the Binns Cup on 4 occasions and St Asaph  have won the Cup for the last two season, Today the in addition to winning the Cup the wining Club will receive £100 and the runners-up £60.

The winning of Binns Cup also allows the club to compete in the Welsh Club Championship between the four area Cup winners to provide the Champion club in Wales who then go on to compete in the British Championships. Just once has a Club from Glyndwr Sunny Rhyl won this competition but several have been runners-up including St Asaph in both 2008 and 2009.


Roy Mills