In the Drake’s Pride Junior championships 2013 Wales found themselves in section two along side Cheshire North Midlands and Shropshire.


         12th May- The first game Cheshire,  Wales home venue being Abergelle B/C and the away team playing at OwLey Wood B/C Weaverham

         The home side were to strong for Cheshire wining 8 out of 12 blocks 5 of which to single figures.

         The best scores of the day from Callum Graves and Steffan Williams both 21-2             Cheshire-158     Wales-232

         In Cheshire,  wales were also the best team wining 10 out of 12 blocks again 5 of which were to single figures the best score on the day

         by Courtney Metcalfe.                                                                                                                                 Cheshire-155    Wales-242

         Wales win the match                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

         9th June-North Midlands, Wales home venue was Gresford Village B/C and the away team playing at Bedworth B/C Coventry.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

          The whole team playing well on the day                                                                                               Wales-250         North Midlands-116

         At Coventry,  North Midlands played their strongest squad at home but Wales pushed them all the way both teams wining 6 blocks each

          And lost out by 14 chalks best score for wales Connor Fowler 21-8                                            Wales-193        North Midlands-207

          Wales win the match by 120 chalks.

         14th July Shropshire,  Wales home venue Conway B/C  and the away game at Stclair,s B/C Ketley  Telford.

             The final game in the group was expected to be the decider as to who progressed to the semi final ,at Conway the home side played the green well

            Wining 6 blocks but some of the Shropshire bowlers also played it well and won 6 blocks wining the game by 4 chalk

                                                                                                                                                                                 WALES-204              shropshire-208                                     

          At Telford the       green had been cut that morning and was flying the home side had practiced their green well wining 9 out of 12 blocks we had some close

          Scores in three other games Shropshire’s middle 4 wining the game for them .          Wales-380              Shropshire-438

           Best score on the day Courtney Metcalfe 21-8                                                                                                             Shropshire win by 54 chalks.                         


Peter Griffiths     Team  Manager.