Lewis Scott


Lewis Scott is simply confidence personified and has the game to boot! Playing out of St. Asaph Bowling Club, Lewis is the blueprint of the modern game of bowls and has a variety of shots to deal with almost any situation. Some fantastic corner bowling and a powerfully accurate strike are Lewis Scottís trademark tools but he is also adept when it comes down to good old fashioned touch bowling and will be a difficult player to beat on the Llanfair PG turf which should favor his style of play.


At 25 years old Lewis Scott already has a wealth of top level bowling experience to call from. Lewis was just 13 years old when he came to prominence as a Junior Bowler to represent the Welsh County Team where he played for a number of seasons as No. 12, being involved in some high profile matches before being promoted to the Senior Side at just 20 years old!


Lewis Scott is now an established member of the Wales set up and is one of the first names on the Managers team sheet. Lewis has played in all 3 of his Countries matches this season and holds an impressive record of three wins, boasting an excellent aggregate score! Lewis has played over 10 games now for Wales and is clearly one of the main stays in the side for years to come!


Lewis Scott has won a number of Open competitions in the Flintshire area and beyond and was the winner of the highly sought after Colwyn Bay Cup beating Walesís Jason Jones in the final after beating a string of top bowlers on route to victory.

This season Lewis Scott has also finished in first place in the WPA qualifying rankings and was the winner of the highly prestigious Rhos Park pairís competition alongside former Welsh Champion, Trevor Heath.


While playing for St. Asaph Bowling club in the North Wales Coast League and the Blackwell Hydraulics North Wales Counties League (Super League) where he is a regular winner, Lewis is also a member of the Ifton rascals outfit were he has won many of his games in the Shropshire League. Lewis has a growing reputation within the bowling fraternity and if he keeps playing the way he has been in recent years then the world indeed is this young mans oyster!




Lewis is 25 and been bowling since he was 9 years old,he has represented his Country at Junior leve since he was 13 and played at No 12 for many years.
He graduated to the Senior team at about the age of 20 and has played 11 times winning 8(his recollection not certain if true)
He values playing for Wales very highly and this year won all his games(3 out of 3,being top of the averages,again my calculation not certain if true)
With regards to Comps he has won they range from small club comps to large opens-including £500 Legion Cup in only year it was run,beating Jason Jones in the final and Fizz on his way to it,
This year has probably been his most successful winning the Pairs at Rhos Park (with Trevor Heath)Triples at Connors Quay(with Trevor & James Williams)and finishing Top of the WPA