Match report from Broseley as seen by Emma Broad


1. Emma broad 21-8 Kate Suggett - it's hard to play someone you know well and we both started off quite nervy, I beat a few of Kate's good bowls and settled down faster. Played pretty well in the end.


2. Sarah hey 21-14 Sian Skelton - from what I saw Sarah was her usual devastating self and was up in her game all the way through. The last 1 took some getting but it was still a great win, and after a post match evaluation from des (un official vice captain) next time she's there it will be an even bigger win ;-)


3. Jane Jones 21-14 Marie Rhodes - this was a great win as Marie is a class bowler and knows that green well. Not sure who was chucking who in the corners but they had the monopoly on them for a while. Jane eventually managed to get the win by bowling a round peg on the edge.


4. Sarah Nicholas 12-21 Gill Chambers - Sarah was up against the home bowler so a tough draw, I didn't really see much of the game but in Sarah's words "I didn't get that".


5. Carole Jones 8-21 Karen Smith - Karen is devastating when she gets a length and unfortunately for Carole she did.  Carole bowled a lot of really really good bowls for nothing, and deserved a lot more than her score suggests.


6. Gay Cooper 19-21 Marg Bland - Battle of the dinosaurs!!  (nobody tell Gay I said that else she'll kill me), close all the way through, I thought Gay had the better of her but experience counts for a lot in bowls.


7. Kelly Fleet 8-21 Pauline Grocott - Pauline is a steady player who has thrashed me more times than I'd like to remember, I didn't think this green would be her cup of tea but Kel didn't really find it consistently enough to put any pressure on Pauline. Mark this one as experience I think.


8. Lesley Williams 12-21 Chelsea Gregory - it was close to begin with, Lesley bowling the short marks really well, but after a successful 19m tape and buoyed on by the crowd Chelsea played really well and Les lost her weight a bit.


9. Aunty Kath Altman 10-21 Sue Creen - again this started off close and then Kath lost it on a mark and it was all over before I realised what was going on.


10. Chris Hey 21-14 Jackie Rutter - Woman of the match performance, Chris was awesome, I'm not sure if she received the benefit of Des's match analysis before she went on but whatever it was it worked.


11. Rachel Hawker 18-21 Claire Williams - another really good performance against Claire who is an experienced top bowler.  Notepad impressed on the green and then gave another impressive performance at the piano during the buffet, is there no end to her talents????


12. Nicola Cooper 19-21 Holly Bishton - being last on the green when the match is lost is an unenviable task, but fair do's to Nic she didn't let it affect her and she battled for every point, unlucky in the end in a match that was nip and tuck all the way through.