Nia Jones

Coed Talon and Wales


The second of our profiles this year features young Nia Jones who had an incredible season last year with both the Junior and Ladies teams.

Originally from Nottingham, Nia says she was ‘inspired’ to take up the sport of bowls by Dad, Nick who she remembers watching play from a young age. Mum, Kelly, is ‘no mean player’ either, so with Mum and Dad to emulate, Nia took to the grass as it were. She also has a ‘thank you’ for Marcus Hughes who practiced with her ‘all the time’. She now plays Wednesdays and Saturdays with Welsh Junior and Ladies matches on her regular calender. 2018 was Nia’s debut for the Welsh Ladies and Junior teams, showing incredible nerve and cool under pressure. This rightly earned her the Welsh Ladies Averages title for 2018 and she has more than one Player of the Match trophy.

Nia’s primary club is Coed Talon, but she has also played for Penyffordd, Johnstown, Leeswood and Gresford Colliery. She has also played in the Super League, but this year she is running a pairs competition on Mondays for Coed Talon. This is great to see from one of our youngest players.

Other sports and pastimes she enjoys include ice skating, hockey and the javelin ( remember to duck if she goes for a strike!) Nia has also travelled and includes Rhodes, Ibiza, Turkey and Lanzarote on her list.

Nia is currently taking her A levels at Castell Alun High School and, following this, she hopes to join and train with the RAF to become a pilot.

She loves all kinds of music with Harry Styles one of her favourites singers. For such a sweet natured creature, Nia loves Horror films – Yikes! Does this mean she will be swapping her plane for a broomstick in the future? Nia doesn’t get too stressed she tells me and music is a great way for her to chill out. She finds her sister, Keira, and mates in school or bowls can make her laugh. Mum, Kelly, also has the knack of raising a laugh, ‘Mum is just a funny person when you get to know her’. Her words not mine Kel.

Nia is disappointed at the small number of juniors in the Flintshire area playing to the high standards needed for the Junior County team. We are certain they are out there and Nia’s example is one to follow. She says ‘If you want something in life, just go for it and don’t get put down by others’.

At 16 going on 17, Nia exhibits quite a mature outlook. She is not afraid to go for her goals, doesn’t underestimate difficulties that may arise, but neither does she down play her own strength of will to get on.

Like many other players, Nia can pick out the tough games all too easily. She has won the Welsh Ladies Junior Merit and yet chose her win at The Oval last year for her first Junior match as one she is particularly proud of. If I was writing this a few years from now, I suspect there would be a few more trophies to list. Choosing to join the RAF and still more bowling to come, when studies and training allow, Nia is set to become quite a ‘high flier’. Who knows, one day when the Red Arrows fly over a bowling green ( remember Airbus and the Welsh Ladies Merit 2016?) Nia might be in one of the craft and will give us a wave.

Nia receiving Player of the Match V Cheshire at Min-y-Don


Nia winner of Welsh Ladies Averages Shield at BCGLBA Presentation Dinner