Neale Charlton


Neale Charlton is a living legend within Welsh Bowling. Having been around longer than most and having played at the top levels of the game for at least 3 decades! Neale Charlton has been there, seen it, done it all and got the T-Shirt!


Charlton is an incredibly gifted competitor whose longevity as a County standard bowler far outweighs many other players who have come and gone during his superb reign of terror within his area. Charlton is pure gold, he is a player that you can bank on and a player that you could throw into the most pressurized of situations as his cool temperament and unrivaled self control are completely unflappable! Neale Charlton is simply an amazing talent and an example for all aspiring young bowler to follow.


Charlton is a class act and has many Championship victories under his belt within his area including 2 Old Delyn victories and an incredible 8 Waterhouse Cup Titles, proving that Neale is both a seasoned Competition Bowler as well as being a long serving Welsh International player.


Neale has represented Wales a vast number of times and his County career stretches back years and years! Charlton is one of the most experienced players within the Welsh County set up and is often called upon by Team Manager, Geraint Jones to represent his Country during some of the most difficult County matches where good pressure bowling is the key to success, which is a skill that Neale Charlton has in abundance such is his steady demeanor!


At club level Neale Charlton plays North Wales Coast League bowls for Fron Park where he is the Captain of the Team, leading by example each and every week with an unbelievable win to loss ration over the last two decades! Charlton is also a top player within the Blackwell Hydraulics Welsh Counties League (Super League) where he plays for Sunny Rhyl. Charlton is a regular starter within this highly competitive young side and although he is not the Captain of the team he once again leads by example with some inspiring bowling and an excellent averages record.


Charlton is a quality player and is as good a Bowler as anybody in this field of competition today. Neale has the skill, the experience and the knowledge within the game to be able to adapt to playing any green type and can play in most conditions. Neale has wonderful accuracy on a variety of marks and will be a mighty tough nut to crack on a green that may well suit his game to its entirety! Neale Charlton is a big game player with a mass of ability and may well be considered as one of the favorites here today at Llanfair PG Bowling Club.