WCGBA Official Competition Calendar 2017
Date BCGBA, BCGLBA and WCGBA Open Competitions
    Events Location Events Location
Sun 19-Mar-17 World Club Championships - Qual 1      
Mon 20-Mar-17        
Tue 21-Mar-17        
Wed 22-Mar-17        
Thu 23-Mar-17        
Fri 24-Mar-17        
Sat 25-Mar-17        
Sun 26-Mar-17 World Club Championships - Qual 2      
Mon 27-Mar-17        
Tue 28-Mar-17        
Wed 29-Mar-17        
Thu 30-Mar-17        
Fri 31-Mar-17        
Sat 01-Apr-17        
Sun 02-Apr-17 World Club Championships - Qual 3   Open Pairs Entries 32 10/pair Connahs Quay
Mon 03-Apr-17        
Tue 04-Apr-17        
Wed 05-Apr-17        
Thu 06-Apr-17        
Fri 07-Apr-17        
Sat 08-Apr-17        
Sun 09-Apr-17 World Club Championships - Qual 4   Open Pairs Entries 32 10 Trefnant
Mon 10-Apr-17        
Tue 11-Apr-17        
Wed 12-Apr-17        
Thu 13-Apr-17        
Fri 14-Apr-17     Good Friday Open Pairs Entries 32 10/pair PM 160 Sychdyn
Sat 15-Apr-17        
Sun 16-Apr-17 World Club Championships - Finals   Dicken Cup Singles Entries 32 10 Prize 480 - 200 to winner Craig-y-Don
Mon 17-Apr-17        
Tue 18-Apr-17        
Wed 19-Apr-17        
Thu 20-Apr-17        
Fri 21-Apr-17        
Sat 22-Apr-17        
Sun 23-Apr-17     Open Mixed Triples Entries 16 15/team 240 Rhuddlan
Sun 23-Apr-17     Open Triples Entries 16 12/team Nercwys
Mon 24-Apr-17        
Tue 25-Apr-17        
Wed 26-Apr-17        
Thu 27-Apr-17        
Fri 28-Apr-17        
Sat 29-Apr-17        
Sun 30-Apr-17     Open Pairs Entries 32 12/pair New Brighton
Sun 30-Apr-17     Open Pairs Entries 32 15/pair Prestatyn Highbury
Mon 01-May-17     Colin Evans Memorial Singles Entries 64 5 Prize 160 Chirk AAA
Tue 02-May-17        
Wed 03-May-17 Welsh Ladies Merit - Entries Close      
Wed 03-May-17 Welsh Men's Senior Merit - Entries Close      
Fri 05-May-17        
Sat 06-May-17 BCGLBA Average Winners Classic Wombourne BC    
Sun 07-May-17 Endsleigh Mens County Match v Derbyshire Home & Away Spring Open Pairs Entries 32 10/pair Bersham
Mon 08-May-17     Noel Tarran Vets Pairs Ent 32 10 Q1 Hawkesbury
Tue 09-May-17        
Wed 10-May-17     Noel Tarran Vets Pairs Q2 Hawkesbury
Thu 11-May-17        
Fri 12-May-17     Noel Tarran Vets Pairs Finals 10-30am Hawkesbury
Sat 13-May-17        
Sun 14-May-17 Drake's Pride Junior County Match v Staffordshire Home & Away Ladies Singles Entries 32 5 Nercwys
Mon 15-May-17     70+ Open Aston
Tue 16-May-17        
Wed 17-May-17        
Thu 18-May-17        
Sat 20-May-17 Junior Ladies County Championships      
Sat 20-May-17 Welsh Men's Senior Merit - Qualifying All Areas    
Sun 21-May-17 Ladies County Match v Gtr Manchester Home & Away Singles 200 Entries 32 12 Abergele
Sun 21-May-17 Welsh Vets Merit - Entries Close   Buckley Round Table Ent 64 8 (CoC) Hawkesbury
Tue 23-May-17        
Thu 25-May-17 Welsh Ladies Pairs - Entries Close      
Thu 25-May-17 Welsh Junior Merit - Entries Close      
Fri 26-May-17        
Sat 27-May-17        
Sun 28-May-17 Welsh Ladies Merit - Finals Glyndwr    
Mon 29-May-17     Fields Cup Open Singles Entries 64 6 Prize 200 (CoC) Gresford Village
Mon 29-May-17     Dave Harris Pairs Entries 32 PM 220 Rhos Park
Tue 30-May-17        
Wed 31-May-17 Welsh Vets Merit - Qualifying All Areas    
Thu 01-Jun-17        
Fri 02-Jun-17        
Sat 03-Jun-17        
Sun 04-Jun-17 Endsleigh Mens County Match v Shropshire Home & Away Ladies Singles Entries 32 6 Argoed
Mon 05-Jun-17     Vets Pairs Qual 1 8/pair New Brighton
Tue 06-Jun-17     Vets Pairs Qual 2 New Brighton
Wed 07-Jun-17 Welsh Vets Merit - Finals Flintshire    
Thu 08-Jun-17        
Fri 09-Jun-17     Vets Pairs Finals New Brighton
Sat 10-Jun-17        
Sun 11-Jun-17 Drake's Pride Junior County Match v Derbyshire Home & Away WB Hopwood Mixed Pairs Ent 32 10 Hawkesbury
Sun 11-Jun-17     Gethin Cunnah Pairs Dyserth
Mon 12-Jun-17        
Tue 13-Jun-17 Ladies Vets Championship Centre Vale Park, Todmorden    
Wed 14-Jun-17        
Thu 15-Jun-17        
Fri 16-Jun-17        
Sat 17-Jun-17        
Sun 18-Jun-17 Ladies County Match v Sth Yorkshire Home & Away Hughes Meats Pairs Entries 32 6/pair PM 180 Caernarfon
Sun 18-Jun-17 Welsh Junior Merit - Finals Wrexham E Cunnah Singles Dyserth
Tue 20-Jun-17        
Wed 21-Jun-17        
Thu 22-Jun-17        
Fri 23-Jun-17        
Sat 24-Jun-17 BCGLBA Junior Ladies County Championship Owley Wood, Weaverham    
Sun 25-Jun-17 Welsh Men's Senior Merit - Finals Glyndwr    
Mon 26-Jun-17        
Tue 27-Jun-17        
Wed 28-Jun-17        
Thu 29-Jun-17        
Fri 30-Jun-17        
Sat 01-Jul-17        
Sun 02-Jul-17 Endsleigh Mens County Match v Warwick & Worcester Home & Away    
Mon 03-Jul-17     Vets Pairs Qual 1 Flint
Tue 04-Jul-17     Vets Pairs Qual 2 Flint
Wed 05-Jul-17 Jack & Jean Isherwood Vets Final (Prees) Prees C&R, Whitchurch    
Thu 06-Jul-17        
Fri 07-Jul-17     Vets Pairs Finals Flint
Sat 08-Jul-17 BCGLBA Ladies Merit Final Leyland S&SC    
Sun 09-Jul-17 Drake's Pride Junior County Match v South Yorkshire Home & Away Rhos Open Singles Entries 32 10 Prize 200 Rhos Park
Sun 09-Jul-17     Ladies Pairs Entries 32 10/pair Argoed
Sun 09-Jul-17     Mixed Pairs Aston
Mon 10-Jul-17        
Tue 11-Jul-17        
Wed 12-Jul-17        
Thu 13-Jul-17 Vets County Championship Qualifiers Cheshire    
Fri 14-Jul-17        
Sat 15-Jul-17        
Sun 16-Jul-17 Ladies County Match v N Lancs & Fylde Home & Away Open Triples 18/team New Brighton
Mon 17-Jul-17        
Tue 18-Jul-17        
Wed 19-Jul-17        
Thu 20-Jul-17        
Fri 21-Jul-17        
Sat 22-Jul-17        
Sun 23-Jul-17 Welsh Ladies Pairs Gwynedd Singles 500 Entries 15 (CoC) St Asaph
Sun 23-Jul-17     DF Jones Pairs Ent 32 10 Hawkesbury
Tue 25-Jul-17        
Wed 26-Jul-17        
Thu 27-Jul-17        
Fri 28-Jul-17        
Sat 29-Jul-17 BCGBA Senior Merit North Midlands    
Sun 30-Jul-17 Welsh Mixed Pairs - Entries Close   Terry Williams Memorial Mixed Pairs Entries 32 10 Coedpoeth
Sun 30-Jul-17     Ladies Rose Cup Entries 32 6 Prize 100 Llay Welfare
Sun 30-Jul-17     Waterhouse Cup Singles Entries 64 7 Winner 250 Fron Park
Mon 31-Jul-17        
Tue 01-Aug-17        
Wed 02-Aug-17        
Thu 03-Aug-17 Vets County Championship Finals      
Fri 04-Aug-17        
Sat 05-Aug-17        
Sun 06-Aug-17 Endsleigh Mens County Semi Finals & Supplementary   Seabank Classic Mixed Pairs Entry 6/pair Prize 200 Rhyl
Mon 07-Aug-17        
Tue 08-Aug-17        
Wed 09-Aug-17        
Thu 10-Aug-17        
Fri 11-Aug-17        
Sat 12-Aug-17 Dorothy Pierce Memorial Pairs Finals Grange Park SC, Warrington    
Sun 13-Aug-17 Drake's Pride Junior County Semi Final & Supplementary   Open Pairs Llanfairfechan
Mon 14-Aug-17        
Tue 15-Aug-17        
Wed 16-Aug-17        
Thu 17-Aug-17        
Fri 18-Aug-17        
Sat 19-Aug-17 BCGBA Junior Merit Lancashire    
Sun 20-Aug-17 Ladies County Semi Final & Mavis Dearden   Mpower UPS Ltd Singles Entries 32 10 PM 300 (CoC) Caernarfon
Mon 21-Aug-17     Over 70s Singles Qual 1 Entries 32 5 Nercwys
Tue 22-Aug-17        
Wed 23-Aug-17     Over 70s Singles Qual 2 Nercwys
Thu 24-Aug-17        
Fri 25-Aug-17     Over 70s Singles Finals Nercwys
Sat 26-Aug-17        
Sun 27-Aug-17 Welsh Mixed Pairs - Finals Gwynedd Baxter Cup Singles 300 Entries 10 (CoC) Llandudno
Sun 27-Aug-17     Open Singles Entries 32 10 Trefnant
Sun 27-Aug-17     Open Singles New Brighton
Mon 28-Aug-17     Barry Williams Memorial Cup Entries 32 6 Pentre Broughton
Mon 28-Aug-17     Ashton Cup Singles Entries 64 12 Prize 275 Prestatyn Highbury
Tue 29-Aug-17        
Wed 30-Aug-17        
Thu 31-Aug-17        
Fri 01-Sep-17        
Sat 02-Sep-17        
Sun 03-Sep-17 Endsleigh Mens County Final   Pairs 280 Entries 32 15 Abergele
Sun 03-Sep-17     Mixed Pairs Entries 32 10/pair Nercwys
Sun 03-Sep-17     Open Mixed Triples Entries 16 15/team 240 Rhuddlan
Mon 04-Sep-17     Sid Morris Vets Pairs Qual 1 Entries 32 8/pair PM 100 Sychdyn
Tue 05-Sep-17        
Wed 06-Sep-17     Sid Morris Vets Pairs Qual 2 Sychdyn
Thu 07-Sep-17        
Fri 08-Sep-17     Sid Morris Vets Pairs Finals Sychdyn
Sat 09-Sep-17 BCGLBA Ladies Junior Merit Heswall RBL    
Sun 10-Sep-17 Drake's Pride Junior County Final   Mike Jones Memorial Pairs Entries 32 10/pair Bersham
Mon 11-Sep-17     Floodlit Pairs PM 180 Abergele
Tue 12-Sep-17     Qual Entries 32 12 Abergele
Wed 13-Sep-17     Qual Abergele
Thu 14-Sep-17     Qual Abergele
Fri 15-Sep-17     Finals Abergele
Sat 16-Sep-17        
Sun 17-Sep-17 Ladies County Final      
Sun 17-Sep-17 Welsh Club Championship Flintshire    
Mon 18-Sep-17     Floodlit Pairs Qualifying 1 Entries 8/night 15 Trefnant
Tue 19-Sep-17     Floodlit Triples Ent 16 18 Q1 Hawkesbury
Tue 19-Sep-17     Floodlit Pairs Qualifying 2 Entries 8/night 15 Trefnant
Wed 20-Sep-17     Floodlit Triples Q2 Hawkesbury
Wed 20-Sep-17     Floodlit Pairs Qualifying 3 Entries 8/night 15 Trefnant
Thu 21-Sep-17     Floodlit Pairs Qualifying 4 Entries 8/night 15 Trefnant
Fri 22-Sep-17     Floodlit Pairs Finals Trefnant
Fri 22-Sep-17     Floodlit Triples Finals Hawkesbury
Sat 23-Sep-17 Champion of Champions Waterloo Hotel, Blackpool    
Sun 24-Sep-17 Ladies Champion of Champions Waterloo Hotel, Blackpool Don Morgan Singles Entries 40 10 Prize 500 (CoC) Craig-y-Don
Sun 24-Sep-17     Pairs Entries 32 10/pair Prize 160 Llysfaen
Mon 25-Sep-17     Floodlit Singles PM 300 Abergele
Tue 26-Sep-17     Qual Entries 64 12 Abergele
Wed 27-Sep-17     Qual Abergele
Thu 28-Sep-17     Qual Abergele
Fri 29-Sep-17     Finals Abergele
Sat 30-Sep-17 Centenary Mixed Pairs Finals Waterloo Hotel, Blackpool    
Sun 01-Oct-17 Welsh Champion of Champions Criccieth BC, Gwynedd Open Pairs Entries 32 10/pair Connahs Quay
Mon 02-Oct-17     Open Floodlit singles Q1 Entries 64 8 Prize 200 Llanfair PG
Tue 03-Oct-17 Vets Club Championship Flintshire Open Floodlit singles Q2 Llanfair PG
Wed 04-Oct-17     Open Floodlit singles Q3 Llanfair PG
Thu 05-Oct-17     Open Floodlit singles Q4 Llanfair PG
Fri 06-Oct-17        
Sat 07-Oct-17     Open Floodlit singles Finals Llanfair PG
Sun 08-Oct-17     Open Pairs Entries 32 10/pair 180 Llanfair PG
Mon 09-Oct-17        
Tue 10-Oct-17        
Wed 11-Oct-17        
Thu 12-Oct-17        
Fri 13-Oct-17        
Sat 14-Oct-17