Peter Jones


Peter Jones is clearly a phenomenon within Welsh bowls and is one of the most recognisable characters within the game. Peter is often regarded as the ‘People’s Champion’ due to his charismatic charm, fun loving persona and his sheer unrivalled determination when engrossed in his epic bowling matches. Peter Jones, known affectionately as ‘Peewee’ by many of his bowling peers is a top level County Bowler and is a nationally respected Competition Bowler who has gained a wealth of experience during a bowling career that has stretched two decades at the highest possible levels. Peter Jones is a colossal figure within Welsh bowls and is known throughout each and every Bowling Club in Wales for his huge smile, dry wit and for possessing one of the best all around games that there is! Peter is a true talent of the game!


Having been a mainstay of the Welsh County Team for many years Peter Jones has been involved in some of his Countries most high profile matches and has been a fundamental member of the team throughout, amassing well over 40 caps for Wales during his tenure! Peter is now seen as one of the talisman of the team with many of the squad and is certainly a well respected inclusion in the Welsh set up and will continue to be so for many years to come yet as Peter Jones just seems to get better and better as his bowling career continues to blossom!


Peter Jones strength is his consistency and this is indeed underlined by his League bowling records over a large period of time. Peter has won 8 Llandudno and Colwyn Midweek League Merits, 3 North Wales Coast League Merits and 3 Blackwell Hydraulics Welsh County League Merits which is a huge testament to his immense talent of keeping his game at is pinnacle at all times, which is incredible!


Throughout his Bowling life Peter Jones has been ever present at almost every area competition on record, being one of the favourites to win each and every time his name is entered into the draw. In the past few seasons alone Peter Jones has won the highly prestigious and highly sought after Llandudno Baxter Cup Trophy which has a whose who list of Welsh winners over the last 50 years and has also been victorious in the Craig-y-don spectacle that is the Dicken Cup, which is an equally special event and a hugely difficult Tournament to win such is the quality of the field! But, not content with competing within his own area Peter Jones has also been successful further a field, winning one of Cheshire’s elite Tournaments, namely the Chester Open, which is a superb addition to his bowling CV!


Peter’s desire to compete at the highest levels has also seen him reach the last 8 of the Waterloo Competition, the Final of the George Davis Tournament which is the marquee Tournament of the Colwyn and Conwy Bowling Festival and also the final of the Isle of Man Men’s singles at the Isle of Man Bowling Festival just two seasons ago, which was a great achievement for Peter and a marvellous achievement for Welsh bowling!


Peter is a Premier Bowler ho has the nerve and the bottle to stand up and go to battle with anybody! Peter is as determined a character as you will find on a bowling green and would give blood, sweat and tears in pursuit of victory. However, off the green Peter is one of the nicest blokes you will ever meet and will surely have time for anybody who shares his passion for Crown Green Bowling.