Roger Morgan



Roger Morgan is an Icon! Roger Morgan is a living Legend! And, Roger Morgan is a King among Welsh Crown Green Bowlers and that is a fact!


Roger Morgan has been there and done it all! Yet, Roger still has the burning desire to continue his pursuit of greatness to extend an already impressive legacy by cementing his place in Welsh Bowling history as arguably the most successful and arguably the best player to have ever played the game in this country!


At County level, Roger Morgan is one of the most capped players in Welsh Bowling history having made no less that a staggering 116 appearances to date (August 2010) for his national side. Roger is the current away team Captain of the Welsh team and has played an amazing 72 away games in the Crossfield Cup winning the majority of the matches, which is an incredible achievements considering the high standard of competition at such a level and Roger now remains a feared opponent within any area or County to which he travels to play.


Roger Morgan is a highly successful and highly experienced competition bowler who has won 46 major Open Tournaments within 10 different Counties, proving he is indeed a master of all greens and a player who is capable of adjusting his game to suit any playing surfaces. In Wales alone, Roger has been a Welsh Merit and George Davis Champion! Roger has also been a winner of the highly prestigious Dicken Cup, Llandudnoís famous Baxter Cup, the Bangor Open, the Waterhouse Cup and has also been a two time winner of the Welsh Classic, making Roger Morgan one of the most decorated players on the North Wales Bowling Circuit.


Further a field Roger Morgan has also built a massive reputation as a giant of the national circuit by winning some of the countries biggest and most lucrative of Tournaments, most notably being the winner of the Isle of Man Festival in 1994 and also winning huge events such as Greater Manchester Parks Merit, the Stockport Victoria, the Stockport Parks Merit, the Arthur Land Top 64 Champions Event, the Allens Green Radcliffe event in Manchester, the Black Horse Masters, the Northern Classic, the Whaley Bridge Open, the Panel Invitation Tournament, the Donnington Wood Open, the Lew Page Open (twice) and also the St Annes Ex Servicemenís Invitation 16 at the Waterloo!


At club level Roger Morgan is a former Craig-y-don player who now players for Sale in the Manchester Premier League and Roger is also a regular winner for Nursery Bowling Club in the Stockport League having a remarkable win to loss ratio.


Roger Morgan is a seasoned performer whose longevity and experience in the game is phenomenal and completely unrivalled by any other Welsh Bowler. Roger has a classy all around game and the perfect temperament to go with it! All in all, Roger Morgan is a genuinely nice man who lives for the game of bowls and enjoys the habit of winning competitions! Therefore, Roger has to be considered a favourite to win the Welsh Player Association Tournament to add yet another note on already one of the most fantastically impressive CVís within our game today!