Steve Curbishley



Having played much of his bowls within the Cheshire area during his Bowling career, Steve Curbishley is probably not as well known throughout Wales as other top class players within this Competition. However, for anybody to mistake Steve Curbishley as a push over would be fatal as ‘Curbo’ to his friends is without a shadow of a doubt one of the finest players to have taken part within the Welsh Players Association Tournament since its inauguration and has as much talent as anybody within playing the game throughout the United Kingdom today!


Steve Curbishley has skill and lots of it! He is a wonderfully gifted talent who has a huge level of experience having played County Bowls for Cheshire for a number of years before joining up with the Welsh set up this past season; where Curbishley has been a fundamental factor in the successful challenge that Wales made within their County campaign.


Hailing from Hoole near Chester, Steve Curbishley has spent many years playing in the Chester leagues for Kelsal Bowling Club where he was a massive player for the club having a marvellous win to loss ration and a stunning averages record. This season Steve Curbishley has made the move to Cuncliff Arms Bowling Club to play in the Blackwell Hydraulics Welsh Counties League (Super League) were he is now a figure head within a massively competitive squad being a regular winner for his new Captain, Graham Rogers and quickly gaining the reputation as one of the Leagues stand out players and all around nice guys.


Steve Curbishley is very much a well respected Competition Bowler and is a regular winner on the competition circuit around the Cheshire area, picking up a mass of Titles within Singles tournaments and is a notorious pairs and mixed pairs specialist! Steve is an ambitious player and never afraid to pit his wits against the best players around the United Kingdom and has been a regular winner and qualifier within the Welsh Player Association Tournament beating a string of top Welsh players along the way.


Steve Curbishley is a people’s person and has a marvellous sense of humour and off the green he is both charming and fun to be around. However, on the Bowling Green Steve Curbishley is a highly competitive character and has a huge desire to win! Steve has one of the most complete games in the game today and has both a cool demeanour and a never say die attitude! Steve will scrap for anything or blow a player away in an instant! Either way, Steve Curbishley is a man to watch within this competition and as one of the best players within his new county, one of the sure fire favourites to win the Welsh Players Association Tournament today! Steve Curbishley pure class!












I do not know a great deal about Curbo other than….makes 1st appearance this year for Wales with a 18 victory, just loses out to Mat Bower away to 19 and then again 19 at Derbyshire. Has played in the Cheshire main league for Kelsal for many years and is regular winner on the Cheshire comp circuit. Curbo has also started to pick up a few victories on the Pairs front and mixed pairs is his speciality. Playing for Cunliffe this year has seen Curbo win 8/10 and has been a massive signing for the Spice Boys.