1.            These rules apply to the following teams and players selected to represent those teams:

a.    Senior Team

b.    Ladies Team

c.    Junior Team

d.    Mens Veterans Team

e.    Ladies Veterans Team

f.     Ladies Junior Team


2.            The method of selection in relation to the above-mentioned Teams (paragraph 1) shall be determined by the National Performance Committee.


3.            The WCGBA has first call and priority to select any Player who is a member of any Club affiliated to any Area Association, to play in any BCGBA / BCGLBA County Championship or any BCGBA / BCGLBA Merit (including reserves) or sanctioned event. A written notice will be sent to the player.


4.            Any player wishing to be excused from playing for the WCGBA in such matches defined in Paragraph 2 must write to the WCGBA Chief Executive Officer, providing an adequate reason for not accepting the honour, within three days. If any player fails to make such an application and fails to appear at any event, they cannot be considered for selection again or participate in any competitions run under the jurisdiction of the WCGBA or participate in any competition as a representative of the WCGBA until they have appeared in person before a committee nominated by the WCGBA Executive Governance Board.


5.            Any player chosen to represent the WCGBA cannot play for their Club in a league match or in a competition on the day of any event as outlined in paragraph 2, unless the player has received permission from the WCGBA Chief Executive Officer.


6.            Any Club having two or more members selected as players, reserves or Officials in any BCGBA / BCGLBA County Championship or International Match or any Area Association match shall have the right to postpone and re-arrange a league match within the stipulated time determined by the Rules of that League.


7.            Players and Officials must be prepared to completely fulfil their playing and social obligations to the WCGBA before they undertake any other commitments, which are confirmed and approved by the WCGBA Chief Executive Officer.


Availability of Greens


8.            First consideration must be given by all affiliated Clubs to the WCGBAs requirements to the use of greens. The WCGBA shall have first claim on any green selected for use in their Team Matches and Competitions, provided that 21 days notice is given to the Secretary of any Club whose green has been chosen. There shall be no charge by the Club to the WCGBA.