We set off from Bradley at
 10:30 with the away team having viewed the green for the first time and feeling in confident mood! The practice sheet for the home team also made good reading with plenty of the team commenting on the commitment shown by the home side.

We arrived at the away venue to be pleasantly surprised by the set up and green layout. The rain had clearly taken a lot of the sting out of the green but the playing surface was immaculate.
One change to the playing order following practice with Paul coming in for Mike who was called into work.

The team talk before the game was a simple one. We are here to win not to keep it close. I had full faith in the team with some commenting that this was the strongest away team for a number of years.... And so it proved!

On to the games.....

Jason Jones
Our number 1 for a reason and got off to a flyer. At 10-0 up lying 2 within 6 inches I thought he would be off quickly. Alan then played one into the end, counted 1 and then turned the match around playing close bowls on the tougher longer marks. Jason continued to battle throughout and probably comes off wondering how he lost. Good performance that set the tone for all.

Great to have him back after a long absence.
Probably played against one of their better performers on the day. Matt played a number of great bowls to beat certain counters for KP and he must have been close to being their MOM on the day. KP dug deep throughout and picked up vital chalks towards the end of the game. A good addition to the squad offering good support to all the lads all day.

Loves to get on early and set the tone. How he has lost his game I will never know. Fair play to Jordan though who stuck in and bowled great bowls at vital times.
Gerwyn and Jason both lost but they really did show the team that we could win. Gerwyn led out at 14-6 and 18-11 only for Jordan to play great bowls. It might only say 20 on the card but the performance was worth much more to the team.

Started well and finished better. Never looked like getting beat from the start.
Griff has really settled into the team offering great performances home and away, playing first or last four. Kept it simple, put em close. Classic away performance.

Freako - welsh mom.
A great game by Nick although he was a little more subdued to start the game but came alive at the end!
Playing a tough opponent in their captain Stuart Perry, Nick always looked up against it and trailing by 3 or 4 chalks throughout. The 2nd half of the game was good quality with both players favouring tough marks just over the top of the crown. At 14-20 down Nick played 3 or 4 match saving / winning bowls. He answered the crowds banter with a dance, smile and more importantly a great bowl. Fully deserved the welsh mom and a proud moment for team freak!

Similar to griff, never in doubt really and only for a few good ends by Jim this could have been a single figure win. Used the corners and edges well. Good performance that helped swing the balance back in our favour.

We needed a big card and this looked like being it from early on! Fair to say Roger will have had better days and playing poorly against Chris is never going to end well!
Unbelievable scenes! Chris bowled better as the game went on and to his credit he delivered a big win that really set us up for a great away result.

Lou Lou. MOM
Looked in big trouble at 15-6 down then he decided to get after a few!
2nd half of the game was denominated by Lewis playing a tough corner mark. His 2nd bowl counted on many occasions leaving his opponent frustrated and looking for the finish line.
A great game of bowls that was appreciated by the raucous crowd.
These games can win matches just as much as big wins. Deserved the overall mom award.

Looked a game of close bowls throughout with Ivor taking on a great player in Jamie Dunn.
Didn't see much of this game as going on myself but it really was one of those games when foot bowls didn't count.
Battled throughout and support was superb all day.

Tough to fill an all England winners shoes but Walley did it admirably. Looked his sort of green and the feedback from the team was that he played very well.
Good win and fully deserved his selection to come into the team.

Been struggling of late with post Meole hangover!
First half of the game was a story of poor leads and playing well without the block.
A good middle to the game saw me get away but then followed it up with 2 or 3 bad ends. 3 good ends to close out the game and happy to win the game as my first as captain.

Glad I was removed from number 12 duties for this one!
Shane played very well and to Paul's credit he hung in well. Shane played 4 or 5 ends where he didn't send one outside of a foot. He may have counted 2 or 3 of them such was Paul's high standard. At 19-9 down he had a few polite words of encouragement from his Mrs!
He then led out at 16-20 only for Shane to close the match out well.
Good performance.

So to summarise a great team performance with 7 winners and an agg of plus 16.
The team spirit was great from the start as was the support for the home selection and commitment.
Couldn't ask anything more from a top team and set of lads. We march on to a vital game against a good North Lancs team.

Andy Hughes.