Wales have 5 qualifiers for this years Senior Merit in Warwick & Worchester.




Bye Law 5(a)

The date for settling invoices for handbooks has been change from 30th June to 31st May.


Bye Law 5(f)

Registration fee increased from £10.00 to £15.00


Bye Law 5(g)

Club affiliation fees increased from £10.00 to £15.00


Bye Law5(l)

New members fee increased from £6.00 to £10.00


New Bye Law

Definition of a Club

‘A Club may be a separate entity or a section of another body shall be defined as having an individual title. The Club shall have an elected committee and must produce for its members a balance sheet or a financial statement annually.






Rule 1

1st January has been deleted and now reads ‘players shall not have reached the age of 18 years on 30th September of the year of the competition’.

To be  deferred until 2014.


Rule 3~

New sentence added ‘The Junior County Championship qualifying rounds shall be played on a regional basis with a rota operating in two designated regional areas. The respective regions will form a basis for the group stages/sections stages of the competition. The designated regions composition will be decided by the BCGBA. Two sections will be allocated to each regional areas, this to formulate the four sections.

To be operational from 2014.



A new set of rules for this Competition have been approved and they can be found on the BCGBA website www.crowngreenbowls.org or in this years BCGBA Handbook.

As this competition now has a  regional  qualifying round Wales will be in one of the following groups;

With the Isle of Man taking part  Cheshire Merseyside Wales & Potteries. 

Or not including the Isle of Man  Cheshire Gt Manchester Wales & Potteries.

The event in each region will be hosted by Counties in alphabetical order.

This years qualifying round will take place in Cheshire.



Rule 3

The following has been added after the line; Each County Association will be allowed a minimum of one qualifying pair ‘provided there are a minimum of 8 entries’.