British Club Championship 4th October 2009 held at Centre Vale Park, Rochdale.


Report By Nick Hughes



1. Nick Hughes 21-11 Mat Gilmore
A tough game to start for Freako against Cheshire Merit Champ Mat but Freako was up for it, Usain Bolt couldn’t of got out the blocks any quicker than Freako… 5-0 and playing decent..9-0 giving it smoochies…11-0 and a slack end lets Mat in…13-2 Lying a toucher and 3 inch bowl and along comes Mat to smoochie the block now 2 down…13-4.. A little run with block but big finish for Freako 21-11… good start Boyos

2. Brian Hayes 8-21 Rich Hidley
Rich is a class player and needed to play well against our big game player…. An Rich did… he never let Hayesy in the game and led every time to his own block… Hayesy just couldn’t get a run with the block which told in the end and Rich come off 21-8… big winner in paddock for Lloyds

3.  Darren Lacey 16-21 Lee Flecther
Another tough game for the Ace man but he showed he had the minerals early doors,  played tight stuff and counted good 2’s to put Lee under a little pressure…. Fletch a top block thou and he just dug in and kept with Lace never letting him get to far away…12-8 to lace the ace and Fletch ups a gear in the corners and the change of length just catches laceo out enough to get Fletch home to 16…

4. Ian Dutton 19-21 Andy Murray
For me a top game, all sorts happening in this game apart from Dutty winning… Dutty led superbly and never more than few inches away with every lead… unfortunately he couldn’t put the second there which gave Andy for shots at attacking… at least 5/6 ends Andy played block through for 2 to him and took the lead from Dutty…. Great game and both played well unlucky for Dutty thou just fell short at the end.

5. Dave (rocky) Jones 16-21 Andy Thompson

I still don’t know how on earth the Rockster got 16…. Oh yeah he is DECENT that’s why…. Buzz (andy) was awesome…his first 8 bowls all within 6/8 inches and Rocky never more than a foot away but 2 down each time…13-6 down and has bowled a bad un… now its rock and roll time in corners…lol.. 13-13 and game on… but Buzz gets the block back and starts smoochies with the block again… cracking game but a deserved winner for Lloyds

6. Chris Jones 13-21 Mike Gerrity
Well the strawberry blonde was looking mean today with the hair piece firmly in place he decided to wake up at 2-8 down to bappy…. Playing a long length Mike did play well and didn’t give Bappy much room at all but Bappy dug in to pinch a few near the end… Mike always looked in control thou and this showed by the end score line…

7. Craig Griffiths 21-11 Steve Ridley
Griffter a man on fire at the moment and Ridley would do well to keep with griffo in this form and mood… my thoughts were correct… 5-1 and settling into a rythem..9-2 and getting closer with every bowl…12-2 and lying 2 belters and mr wick should up to smooch one in off the fllodlight on the other green…the next few ends were shared with neither settling on a mark until Griffo gets back on themark lead so well on to get out to 11… a great win against a top block..

8. Geoff Samuels 21-13 Robbie Hall
What can ya say about Sammy… not picked a bowl up since we won the welsh club champs a month ago… then he plays one of Lloyds best blocks, cheshires number 12 and Sammy plods on with his 2lb 14oz bombs and boom…. Plays like a dream in corners and Robbie scratching his head, Sammy played awesome everywhere Robbie took him… class win for the big man…

All in all a good performance, the match just slipped away from us in the middle but we put a good show on and can hold our heads high in knowing we gave it our all….

Lloyds went onto become BRITSH CLUB CHAMPS 2009.