This past year has been interesting. In short not much has happened on the green, however off the green it has been a very productive. The introduction of a development committee is a huge step for Welsh bowls. The development of the new coaching level assistant club coach has proved very successful, with demand increasing. It has also given people a chance to look at coaching without taking too much on board and wanting to advance.
Only a few clubs have been in contact asking for help and the community chest fund is still the most popular way for clubs to find funding as usually the amounts requested are small.

Future plans

Now there is a development committee set up there should be a greater amount of work noticed by bowlers as the committee can discuss the relevant information in depth rather than waiting. The coaching manual should be completed this year and also we should be producing more club coaches to assist in player development. With regards to clubs, they are encouraged to contact to discuss any matters from funding through to any information they want regarding help encouraging new players.

Gareth Tibbetts