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2009 Headlines

Some of the main achievements and event winners from 2009 include :-

Trevor Heath (Sunny Rhyl BC) Welsh Senior Mens Merit Champion.

Chris Ablett (Hawkesbury BC) Welsh Junior Champion.

Geraint Evans (Rhos Veterans BC) Welsh Veterans Champion.

Jane Bowler (Deganwy BC) Welsh Ladies Senior Merit Champion.

Lauren Martin (Parciau BC) Welsh Ladies Junior Merit Champion.

Darren Williams (Deganwy BC) Welsh Player Association Champion.

John Bailey (Llanrwst BC) Arguably still Rated as Wales No 1 Player.

Welsh Junior Team and Ladies Team get to The Drakes Pride Semi's.

Esclusham B.C. Retain The Welsh Club Championship.

Gresford Colliery B.C. Retain The Welsh Counties League Title.

All 2009 Senior Mens Results

Senior Mens Individual Averages 2009

Esclusham B.C. who were representing Wales in The British Club Championship were beaten by The Eventual Winners Lloyds B.C. Cheshire >>>> see below for Match Report by Nick Hughes.

  • British Club Championship Report 2009

      Welsh Mens Senior Merit News 2009

    • 2009 Merit Draw

        The 83rd Welsh Mens Senior Merit Final was held on Sunday 28th June at Abergele Bowling Club where there was plenty of drama with the day starting in warm sunshine.

        The favourites for the title all went through to the next round with Chris Slater (Colwyn Bay RBL) Beating Adam Harris (Beaumaris)

        Nick Hughes (Esclusham) got through against Patrick Richardson (Broughton and Bretton) although he had to come back after being a bit down at the start.

        Darren Williams (Deganwy) had a close game against Anthony Bailey (Llanrwst) in progressing to the next Stage.

        Outside favourite Brian Hayes (Esclusham) just scraped through against Gareth Hughes (Craig-y-Don.

        The other four to progress were Welsh Team Manager Geraint Jones (Deganwy) who beat Craig Richardson (Colwyn Bay RBL).

        Neil Snodgrass (Bailey Hill) without being spectacular did more than enough to win against Mike Revill (Cunliffe) who never really got into it.

        Martin Svills (Denbigh) had a reasonably comfortable passage when putting out Jim Smith (Rhos Park.

        Trevor Heath (Sunny Rhyl) quietly went through to make up the last quarter-final place, when defeating the very competent Graham Dulson (Esclusham).

        So to the Quarter-Finals first up was Nick Hughes against Geraint Jones with Nick going through to the Semi with a bit to spare.

        Chris Slater progressed and had to much, especially on the long marks against Neil Snodgrass.

        Martin Svills took out Brian Hayes to take the third spot.

        Trevor Heath came from behind to Defeat much fancied Darren Williams to make up the last place in the semi's.

        The Semi-Final's started in dry weather, but that was all about to change !

        Chris Slater was up against Nick Hughes and the game was pretty even up to half way when it started to rain, although lightly at first, during which time Nick started to get the upper hand, but the rain was becoming heavier and heavier and now pools were forming on the green, Nick was at 20-15 up when the referee came on to discuss with the players as to whether they wanted to come off for a while, Nick may have been thinking get the one point get off and prepare for the final, so they continued on.
        Straight from the re-start it was clear that Chris had the knack of cobbing the bowls out to get through or should it be said over the puddles! while Nick was bowling into them and no amount of force would get the bowls through the water, Chris was putting the bowls pretty close especially for the conditions and ran out on Nick to go into the final.

        The other semi was in a similar vein with Martin Svills up on Trevor Heath, but they did come off for a while, but once resuming it was Trevor who was playing the conditions best and came back to reach the final.

        By time the final started the weather was a bit better and it was Trevor who consequently won the title with the same standard of bowling he had done all day, turning bowls over when ever he thought the need and usually finding the winning bowl and was a worthy and poular winner.

        Trevor now takes his place in the Champion of Champions at the Waterloo as the Welsh Representative, and Chris, Martin, Nick and Darren William will compete in the All England Final as Welsh Qualifiers.

        Malcolm Parry June 2009

        Darren Williams Graham Dulson and Anthony Bailey

        Geraint Jones and Craig Griffiths

        Brian hayes Gareth Hughes

        Neil Snodgrass and Mike Revill

        Patrick Richardson and Nick Hughes

        Trevor Heath and Graham Dulson

        Neil Snodgrass and Mike Revill

        Jim Smith and Martin Svills

        Chris Slater and Adam Harris

        Nick Hughes and Chris Slater

        Martin Svills and Trevor Heath

        Nick Hughes

        Nick Hughes Chris Slater and Ref

        Chris Slater

        Chris Slater Finalist

        Welsh Senior Merit Champion 2009 Trevor Heath

        Merit Video Part 1

        Merit Video Part 2

        Merit Video Part 3

        Merit Video Part 4

        Oh and thanks must go to number one Welsh Supporter Westy!! who sent me the pictures and videos.

        Welsh Ladies Merit 2009

        Jane Bowler (Deganwy BC) won the Welsh Ladies Senior Merit.

        Viv Roberts (Sychdyn BC) was runner-up.

        Junior News 2009

        Chris Ablett (Hawkesbury) won The Junior Welsh Merit in Beating Mike Kennedy in The Final >>>> Welsh Juniors get to The Drakes Pride Semi-Final but Lose to a Strong Yorksire Side .

        Lauren Martin (Johnstown BC) won the Welsh Ladies Junior Merit Kirsty Jones (Trefnant BC) was runner-up .

        Jordan Riley who is a Member of Gresford Colliery B.C. has won The Armson Junior Trophy which was held at Sale Excelsior WMC .

        Jordan Riley receiving His Trophy from Roy Armson

      • Armson Trophy Report

        • Junior Welsh Merit 2009

          • Wales v Yorksire Semi-Final

            • Wales v Manchester

              • Wales v Staffordshire

                  Welsh Junior Ladies wilt under the hot sun.

                  The junior Welsh Ladies faded somewhat after a bright start at the recent All England Ladies Junior Championships held at the Widnes Recreation Club.
                  After winning their first match under the round robin system and adding another victory later they failed to cash in on their start and returned home early.
                  The ladies enjoyed themselves and made many friends.
                  Included in the team were Lauren Martin-Parciau, Aileen Coleman-Oakenholt, Kirsty Jones-Trefnant, Emily Gowen-Hoole Park, Gemma Lea- Nercwys, and Ashleigh Craven-Pentre Broughton.
                  A huge debt of gratitude is due to Trevor Jones of the Trefnant club who has ploughed a very lonely furrow with this squad.

                  Some Welsh Junior Pictures

                  W.P.A. 2009

                • 2010 Qualifier Results at Coedpoeth

                    Darren Williams (Deganwy) is The Overall W.P.A. 2009 Winner after Beating Steve Curbishley (Gresford Colliery) 21-10 in The Final at Esclusham B.C. >>>> This is The Second Year running that a Deganwy Player has won this event after Daniel Jone's Success last Season .

                    Final Results

                    Kevin Nicholas 13-- 21 Paul Walley

                    John Evans 19--21 Steve Curbishley

                    Lewis Scott 21--16 Adam Harris

                    Chris Slater 09--21 Mike Gilpin

                    Andrew Hughes 19--21 Elfyn Jones

                    Peter Jones 21-- 13 Geraint Williams

                    Arwel Davies 15--21 Darren Williams

                    John Bailey 15--21 Geraint Jones

                    QTR Finals

                    Paul Walley 11--21 Steve Curbishley

                    Lewis Scott 11--21 Mike Gilpin

                    Elfyn Jones 21-- 17 Peter Jones

                    Darren Williams 21--14 Geraint Jones

                    Semi Finals

                    Steve Curbishley 21-- 15 Mike Gilpin

                    Elfyn Jones 14--21 Darren Williams


                    Steve Curbishley 10-- 21 Darren Williams

                  • Final Table

                    • Final Round Results (Llanfair P.G.)

                      • Table After Round 3

                        • Third Round Results (Brymbo)

                            Pictures From The Brymbo Session

                          • Table After Round 2

                            • Second Round Results (Aston)

                              • Table After Round 1

                                • First Round Results (Abergele)

                                    Senior Mens Team News 2009

                                    County Championship 5-year Calendar 2010 to 2014

                                    County Associations shown in the order of draw.

                                    Endsleigh Senior County Sections

                                    Section One: North Lancs. Fylde, Cheshire, Warwick & Worcester, Cumbria
                                    Section Two: Lancashire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Potteries & District
                                    Section Three: South Yorkshire, Derbyshire,Wales,North Midlands
                                    Section Four: Greater Manchester, Yorkshire, Merseyside.

                                    Endsleigh Senior County Sections

                                    Section One: North Lancs & Fylde, Lancashire, South Yorkshire, Greater Manchester
                                    Section Two: Cheshire, Staffordshire, North Midlands, Yorkshire
                                    Section Three: Warwick & Worcester, Potteries & District, Derbyshire, Merseyside
                                    Section Four: Cumbria, Shropshire, Wales.

                                    Endsleigh Senior County Sections

                                    Section One: North Lancs Fylde, Shropshire, Derbyshire, Yorkshire
                                    Section Two: Cheshire, Potteries & District, Wales, Greater Manchester
                                    Section Three: Cumbria, Lancashire, North Midlands, Merseyside
                                    Section Four: Warwick & Worcester, Staffordshire, South Yorkshire.

                                    Endsleigh Senior County Sections

                                    Section One: North Lancs, Fylde, Staffordshire, Wales, Merseyside
                                    Section Two: Warwick & Worcester, Shropshire, North Midlands, Greater Manchester
                                    Section Three: Cumbria, Potteries & District, South Yorkshire, Yorkshire
                                    Section Four: Cheshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire.

                                    Endsleigh Senior County Sections

                                    Section One: Cheshire, Shropshire, South Yorkshire, Merseyside
                                    Section Two: Warwick & Worcester, Lancashire, Wales, Yorkshire
                                    Section Three: Cumbria, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Greater Manchester
                                    Section Four: North Lancs & Fylde, Potteries & District, North Midlands.

                                    Ensleigh Supplementary Team

                                    Welsh Manager Geraint Jones' Report For 2008 Season

                                    Report on Wales v North Lancs and Fylde

                                    All 2009 Results

                                    Welsh Ladies Senior Team News

                                  • Wales v Staffordshire

                                    • Wales v Cheshire

                                      • Wales v Shropshire