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Chief Executive Ivor Williams

e-mail:-Ivor6 @aol.com

President Tom Middlehurst.

Chairman John Lloyd.

Patron John Percy.

Financial Officer Betty Hope.

Secretary Pauline Lindley.

  • Please click here to read a Message from Tom Middlehurst 2012 W.C.G.B.A. President.
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    *** The W.C.G.B.A. 2012 calendar is below, and as in previous years, this will be updated as the season progresses.(Last update 8th September 2012) ***

  • W.C.G.B.A. 2012 Calendar.

    Linda Williams Ladies All England Winner

    Review of the Welsh Crown Green Bowling Season 2012.

    Compiled by Mal Parry.

    More Details are to be found lower down this page.

    1/ The biggest individual achievement for 2012 must go to Linda Williams who won The Ladies British Merit (all england).

    2/ Running a close second however, goes to The Welsh Junior team who won the Junior Supplementary Competition.

    3/ The Welsh Ladies lost in the Semi-Final of The Waterloo Cup.

    4/ Adam Penlington won the junior Welsh Merit and also gave a good account of himself in reaching the semi-final of the Junior All England.

    5/ Chris Slater won the Gwyn Morris Senior Welsh Merit and just lost in the 3rd Round of The All England.

    6/ Chris Beer won the Ladies Welsh Merit.

    7/Esclusham B.C. won the prestigious Welsh Counties League, and therefore quickly brought the title back to The Wrexham Area after Conwys' success in 2011.

    8/ Colin Evans from Rhos Park won The Veterans Welsh Merit, adding to his two previous success's in the Senior Welsh Merit.

    9/Gwynedd have retained The Threeways Inter-County Championship after topping the group once again at Eiras Park.

    10/ Esclusham of Wrexham, Bailey Hill of Flintshire, St. Asaph of Glyndwr and Blaenau Ffestiniog from Gwynedd, by winning their respective area County Cups, play for the Welsh Championship at Ruabon B.C. on the 23rd September, of which was won by Esclusham representing the Wrexham area.

    11/ Coed-Talon have retained the Mel Higham Trophy to win The Veterans Welsh Club Championship.

    Esclusham B.C. have won The Welsh Club Championship, of which was played at Ruabon in Wrexham on the 23rd September, go to the area sections for results.

    Chris Slater lost in the last 8 of The Champion of Champions.

    Coed-Talon Veterans pictured below have retained The Mel Higham Trophy and in doing so are again Welsh Veterans Club Champions, go to the Veterans section for more details and pictures.

    John Bailey wins The Don Morgan Trophy for the third time, click here for a report of the day.

    Click here for a report on a new initiative for partly sighted people with regards to the pictures below.

    Welsh Men's Senior Merit News 2012.

    One of the best final fields of The 87th Gwyn Morris Welsh Merit was won by Chris Slater (C.B.R.B.L.) who beat Neale Charlton 21 - 10 in the final.
    Chris improved his game through each round and in doing so beat the current All England Champion Mike Riley in the quarter-final, a special mention should go to Neale Charlton who found an excellent length all day culminating in a superb performance in the semi-final against the excellent John Bailey and winning the game 21 - 20 with a wonder bowl to finish.

    Chris Slater, Neale Charlton, John Bailey, Jason Jones, David Jones and Mike Riley now qualify for the All England final.

    FYI: David Jones and Mike Riley qualify for the All England as loosers to the winner and runner-up in the quarter-finals.

    A mention should also go to Dave Walker, Terry Williams and D.T.Evans for ensuring the day ran so smoothly along with the Coed-Talon members.

    And of course with Chris winning the title for the first time the records of Gwyn Morris and Eric Ashton are still intact, will they ever be surpassed.?

    Click on the link below for a report of the day.

  • The Gwyn Morris Welsh Senior Merit Report

      The semi-finalists post with WCGBA President Tom Middlehurst.

      Neale Chariton presented with his cheque by Tom Middlehurst

      Chris Slater with the 2 Presidents; Tom Middlehurst WCGBA and Peter Kelly (BCGBA)
      Chris Slater holds the trophy aloft.

      Chris Slater holds the trophy aloft.

      Below is the draw for the final, and a note from President Tom Middlehurst and CE0 Ivor Williams, there are five previous winners of the competition, three of them having won it twice before.
      Can this be the year that one of them joins Eric Ashton (5) Gwyn Morris (4) in winning the title more than twice.

      Gwynedd Qualifiers

      Gwerydd Buckland (Bangor)
      John Bailey (Llanrwst)
      Darren Williams (Conwy)
      Peter Jones (Conwy)

      Glyndwr Qualifiers

      Nick Hughes (Rhos Park)
      Craig Richardson (Min-y-Don)
      Chris Slater (CBRBL)
      Steve Lawley (Rhos Park)
      Jason Jones (Sunny Rhyl)

      Wrexhams Qualifiers

      Andrew Hughes (Gresford Colliery)
      Tony Roberts (Gresford Colliery)
      Geraint (Jacko) Williams (Gresford Colliery)
      Marcus Hughes (Cunliffe)
      Dave (rocky) Jones (Esclusham)

      Flintshire Qualifiers

      Mike Riley (Bailey Hill)
      Neale Charlton (Fron Park)

      Below are the entries and greens for the Glyndwr Welsh Merit entries 2012

    • Wrexham's Entries into The Gwyn Morris Welsh Merit qualifiers, Click here for Greens and details, to be played for on Saturday 26th May.

        *** The closing date for entries into the 2012 Welsh Merit will be Saturday 5th May. . ***

        Welsh Ladies Merit 2012

        *** LATEST BREAKING NEWS:- Linda Williams has won The British Ladies Merit. ***

        Below is Linda Williams who won the 2012 BCGLBA merit, two years after winning the Ladies Champion of Champions.

        Ladies British Merit Results.

          Click here to see The Ladies Senior Merit Draw of which is being played this Saturday 14th July.

          *** LATEST BREAKING NEWS:- Chris Beer has won the Ladies Welsh Merit, see below for more details. ***


          and to quote: "Chris brought the beer home"

          SCORES LAST 8

          SUE DACE 14 CAROL JONES 21



          The Venue for the Welsh Ladies Merit is New Brighton Bowling Club, Moel Fammau Road New Brighton Nr Mold CH7 6QY.
          Will all players please note Due to the record number of entries the start time is 10-30 and a scratch time of 10-20. AND NOT 1-30 AS STATED ON THE POSTER. If you fail to book in by the scratch time you will not be included in the competition as the draw will only be made from players who have booked in.

          *** The closing date for entries into the Ladies 2012 Merit is Saturday 5th May ***

          Welsh Ladies Senior News 2012

          Wales lost to Cumbria in the semi-final of the Waterloo Cup.

        • Click here to see the Cumbria Results.

            Below is the programme and selected teams to face Cumbria in The Waterloo Cup on Sunday the 19th August, There is a bus leaving Coed Talon 4 girls depot at 9.15. Supporters are very welcome. Travelling costs 5.00 pound.

          • Click here to see the teams selected to face Cumbria.

              The Welsh Ladies team have qualified for the Semi-Final of The Waterloo Cup on the 19th August.

            • Results for The Coventry Match.

                Click on the link below for the team news for the next ladies match, The coach will leave Coed Talon 4 Girls depot at 10.15 am for any supporters wishing to go (5 pound charge)

              • Teams to face Coventry.

                  The Welsh Ladies won their game against North Warwickshire by 6 points, see individual scores in the link below.

                • Results for The North Warwickshire match.
                    The bus to Warwickshire will leave the 4girls depot at Coed-Talon at 10.15 am.

                  • The team and draw for The North Warwickshire Match.

                      The Welsh Ladies won their game against Dudley & District loosing at home by 3 points but winning overall by 19 points, all the scores are below.

                    • The results for Dudley & District.

                      • The draw for Dudley & District.

                          Wales lost to a strong South Yorkshire team by 38 points at home and 33 points away.

                        • Result for the South Yorkshire match.

                            *** The first ladies match is on Sunday 15th April against South Yorkshire, the home game is at Abergele and the away game is at Dodworth MW B.C. Barnsley there is a bus leaving the four girls depot Coed-Talon at 10-30am with a token cost of 5 pounds, the programme and draw is below. *** ....

                          • The draw for South Yorkshire.

                              Senior Mens Team News 2012

                              The Welsh Senior mens team have beaten The Potteries and District team by 50 odd points at home and drew away, see scores below and report to follow.

                              Wales v Potteries and District 1st July 2012

                            • Selected teams to face Potteries and District.

                              • Potteries Team and officials.

                                  *** BREAKING NEWS:- The Welsh Senior mens team lost to Cheshire by 27 points overall see details below. ***

                                  Wales v Cheshire 3th June 2012

                                • Selected teams & draw to face Cheshire.

                                    See below for some details with regards to the away game at Hazel Pear B.C.

                                  • Selected teams to face Cheshire.

                                      Wales v Greater Manchester 6th May 2012

                                      *** BREAKING NEWS:- Wales lost their first match against Greater Manchester, overall by 27 points, the home win of 22 points proved not to be enough, but congratulations to Nicky Jones who was the man of the match at the away game, see scores below. ***

                                    • Greater Manchester Draw.
                                      • Greater Manchester Teams and directions to Irlam.

                                          *** See below for news on the Welsh Senior men's selection panel. ***

                                          County Championship 5-year Calendar 2010 to 2014

                                          County Associations shown in the order of draw.

                                          Endsleigh Senior County Sections

                                          Section One: North Lancs. Fylde, Cheshire, Warwick & Worcester, Cumbria
                                          Section Two: Lancashire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Potteries & District
                                          Section Three: South Yorkshire, Derbyshire,Wales,North Midlands
                                          Section Four: Greater Manchester, Yorkshire, Merseyside.

                                          Endsleigh Senior County Sections

                                          Section One: North Lancs & Fylde, Lancashire, South Yorkshire, Greater Manchester
                                          Section Two: Cheshire, Staffordshire, North Midlands, Yorkshire
                                          Section Three: Warwick & Worcester, Potteries & District, Derbyshire, Merseyside
                                          Section Four: Cumbria, Shropshire, Wales.

                                          Endsleigh Senior County Sections

                                          Section One: North Lancs Fylde, Shropshire, Derbyshire, Yorkshire
                                          Section Two: Cheshire, Potteries & District, Wales, Greater Manchester
                                          Section Three: Cumbria, Lancashire, North Midlands, Merseyside
                                          Section Four: Warwick & Worcester, Staffordshire, South Yorkshire.

                                          Endsleigh Senior County Sections

                                          Section One: North Lancs, Fylde, Staffordshire, Wales, Merseyside
                                          Section Two: Warwick & Worcester, Shropshire, North Midlands, Greater Manchester
                                          Section Three: Cumbria, Potteries & District, South Yorkshire, Yorkshire
                                          Section Four: Cheshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire.

                                          Endsleigh Senior County Sections

                                          Section One: Cheshire, Shropshire, South Yorkshire, Merseyside
                                          Section Two: Warwick & Worcester, Lancashire, Wales, Yorkshire
                                          Section Three: Cumbria, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Greater Manchester
                                          Section Four: North Lancs & Fylde, Potteries & District, North Midlands.


                                          Junior News 2012

                                          Adam Penlington just lost in the semi-final of the Junior All England and Ryan Short lost in the quarter-final.

                                          *** LATEST BREAKING NEWS:- Wales have won the Junior Supplementary competition beating Derbyshire by 3 Points in the final, throughout all the rounds and the final Wales had their own individual player of the group, in summary: 1st Game Wales v Merseyside Wales won by 13 2nd game Wales V Staffordshire Wales won by 26 3rd game Wales V South Yorkshire the team that beat Wales in last years final Wales won by 27 . ***

                                          Supplementary Results

                                          The results of the Warwick & Worcester match are below.
                                          One or two disappointment's but overall a good performance against a very good side that mastered the Aston green very well.
                                          The positives were Ryan Bond making his debut winning 21/11 Jordan Riley outstanding 21/7 and man of the Match Jay Sailsbury Mr. dependable 21/12

                                        • Warwick & Worcester result.

                                        • Warwick and Worcester teams and draw.

                                          *** LATEST BREAKING NEWS:- Adam Penlington has won The Welsh Junior Merit. ***

                                          The scores for the last 8 of the Welsh Junior Merit are below 22 players took part Adam Penlington and Ryan Short will represent Wales in the B.C.G.B.A.JUNIOR MERIT and Courtney Metcalfe will represent Wales in the B.C.G.B.A. Ladies Junior Merit.

                                          Wales sent a team to the British Crown Green Ladies Junior competition held at The Grange Bowling Club, Warrington.The team members were Courtney Metcalfe, Kelly Richardson, Adam Penlington, Ben Riley, Jordan Riley and Curtis Metcalfe. We played in group one and played matches against the four Shropshire teams, one team from Yorkshire and one team from Warwickshire. We had victory over all these team so reaching the final against one of the Yorkshire teams which had won group two. We narrowly lost in the final by seven chalks all the players having bowled well with Adam Penlington having won all his games. I personally would like to congratulate and thank all my players who truly represented Wales well. Thanks must also go to the organisers, caterers(we were very well supplied with food), the officials, the competitors, supporters and of course the Grange Club for hosting the event. Kind regards, Peter Griffiths (Team Coordinator).

                                          The Welsh juniors got off to an excellent start in their first match of the 2012 season winning at home by an emphatic 83 points at an excellent running Gresford Colliery green in front of quite a large crowd.

                                          The away team also had a tremendous win in having 8 winners and running out by 29 points, meaning a 112 out right win overall, all scores can be found below, as well as some pictures of some of the team that played at Gresford Colliery, and also the away squad.

                                        • WALES V LANCASHIRE RESULT.

                                        • WALES V LANCASHIRE selected teams.

                                          *** The first 'Drakes Pride' Junior County Match is against Lancashire Home & Away on Sunday 13th May. *** The closing date for entry into the Junior Welsh Merit is Friday 25th May. ***