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Sunday 15th July 2018

Wales Ladies played their final game of the 2018 season against Lancashire on Sunday 15th July. The Home leg was played at Aston and the Away venue was Ighten Mount BC in Burnley. The green was awash with red shirts as both teams, dressed in the same colour, got down to the business in hand.

At the Away venue, with President Brenda Jones, Wales got off to a good start with the first two blocks. Sue Vayro ( Eirias Park ) and Kelsey Morgan-Rowlands ( Esclusham ) both scored 21-12 wins. The next three blocks were unable to follow the trend, but gave good performances, taking back points, which in this team game is all important. In the middle four, Sandra Salisbury (Llay ) had a 21-14 win and Marilyn Lea ( Parciau ) played some stunning long marks to just fall short at a 21-19 loss. In the final four, Kelly Richardson (Chirk ) played a superb game to win 21-14 and Sarah Nicholas ( Gresford Colliery ), meeting the Lancashire Home bowler, tested her all the way, but eventually lost to 21-16.

At the Away venue the score was Wales 193 Lancashire 220

At Home there were also mixed fortunes. Amanda Nicholas ( Gresford Colliery ) once again led out the team and won 21-10. Miriam Forder ( Rhos Park ) won 21-12 and Abigail Wynne Jones ( Denbigh ) won her game to 21-17 all in the first four.

At the final games stage, Dawn McDougall ( Sychdyn ) had a close tie and won to 21-20. Nia Jones ( Coed Talon ) maintained her unbeaten record for this season with her third win for the Ladies 21-12 and Linda Williams (Hawkesbury ) won the final match 21-14.

Home venue scores were Wales 198 and Lancashire 209

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BCGLBA Merit 2018

Saturday 7th July at Helsby Community Sports Club

Winner Sarah Nicholas of Gresford Colliery


The British Ladies Merit was held on Saturday 7th July at Helsby Community Sports Club. 'All the greens were brown' but the Welsh ladies were on fire. Our three qualifiers from Wales, Jane Bowler ( Conwy ), Sarah Nicholas ( Gresford Colliery ) and Linda Williams ( Hawksbury ) seemed to find the conditions to their liking in as much as the standard of their performances was to win each one of them a place in the quarter final.

From the first set of blocks, Linda made steady progress with 21-18, 21-17 and 21 -20 to reach this stage. Here she met fellow 'dragoness' Sarah Nicholas who joined her here after 21-9, 21-19, and 21-20 wins. They held each other in a close game all the way, but Sarah finally broke free with a 21-19 win to take her place in the semi-final.

In the second part of the draw, Jane Bowler also made steady work of her games 21-12, 21-13, and 21-18 to reach the quarters. In her quarter final match she met Hannah McDonald from Burton& District beating her 21-19.

In the semis, Sarah met young Emily Kernick from Warwick & Worc. Sarah took an instant lead which she held all the way. Once again, Sarah's coolness under such blistering conditions was to see her win to 21-13. Jane was not so fortunate in her game and lost 21-16 to Claire Russell of NLF.

The final was a treat to watch. How the girls managed to maintain their concentration throughout the day to get to this stage is a testament to their characters. The unbelievably fast pace saw bowls doing incredible things and due to the games taking that much longer to play, the light was starting to go. Sarah got off to an early lead, but Claire was not going to make it easy. She came back several times, and Sarah was forced to dig into her reserves of determination and skill. Eventually, Sarah triumphed 21-17 and took the British Ladies title for the first time. She joins three other Welsh ladies to have won this in the past. Well done.



Sunday 17th June 2018

At last Wales has something to smile about as the Welsh Ladies bowled their way to victory in their match with Dudley & District on Sunday 17th June. The Home leg was played at Hawkesbury BC and the Away side visited Cradley Sports and Social Club.

On a cool and breezy afternoon, both teams were welcomed by Wales' Deputy President, Dave Mathias. This was his first chance to see our ladies at play and he was quite impressed by their performance. Referee for the game was Chris Dutfield ( Wales )

The first four games were all quite close for the early part before our ladies took the lead. At number one Amanda Nicholas ( Gresford Colliery )won to 21-14, Miriam Forder,( Rhos Park ) who was down at the start won to 21-15 and Linda Kirkham ( Trefnant ) to 21-11. The best win came from Abigail Wyn Jones ( Denbigh ) at number three, winning her game 21-10. In the following three games our girls struggled to get ahead. However, they did score points to allow Wales to triumph in the end. It's all about working as a team and each point counts.

From the number eight spot to number twelve, Wales were back in charge. Dawn McDougall ( Sychdyn ) and Ashley Zepeda ( Nercwys ) on the same winning score of 21-13 and Nia Jones,( Coed Talon ) once more, came away with the best score of 21-5. Jane Bowler Conwy ) and Sarah Nicholas ( Gresford Colliery ) brought the team home in fine style.

Home score Wales 217 - Dudley & District 175

At the Away venue, Wales started off well with good wins from Sue Vayro, Jenny Hadwin and Kelsey Morgan-Rowlands who had the best result at Cradley 21-9. Away score Wales 182 Dudley & District 216

Wales won the match overall by eight.

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Saturday 19th May 2018

The Ladies Individual Merit was played on Saturday 19th May – competing with the Royal Wedding and FA Cup Final among other things. This year it was held at Cunliffe Bowling Club. The event was hosted by President Brenda Jones who also welcomed each competitor and started off each match. Referees on the day were Jim Clarke, Tom Lockyer and Peter Hughes. There was a much smaller entry than previous years, but those taking part gave spectators quite a feast of talent. The outstanding quality of the bowling throughout the day was commented on by several spectators and this comes as no surprise when you look at the field.

The entry of seventeen included last years winner, Gay Cooper and other previous winner of the title. In the first round, Ashley Zepeda played Linda Williams, Gay Cooper met Sarah Penlington, Kelsey Morgan Rowlands faced Emily Gowan and Sarah Nicholas played Carole Jones. At the mid stage of each game the scores were close. However, at the close of the first four matches, Linda Williams won 21-13, Sarah Nicholas won 21-14, Kelsey beat Emily 21-13 and Sarah Penlington had the closest game ending with a 21-18 win over Gay.

At the Quarter Final stage, young Aileen Coleman ( Oakenholt BC) had a tough game against Jane Bowler. She was the first to edge into double figures 10-9, but Jane's experience saw her take the lead to 13-11. Not giving up easily, Aileen pulled level at 15 across. Both players took points from each other end for end. Eventually Jane triumphed 21-19. Sarah Nicolas played well along the edges to beat Sarah Penlington for a place in the Semi Final. Linda Williams and Jenny Hadwin were the other successes to go forward.

On a green that had been getting faster by the minute, Linda Williams met Sarah Nicholas in the first semi final and Jane Bowler played Jenny Hadwin. Linda and Sarah's scores were close to start with, then Linda got into her stride and stretched her lead to 18-12. Linda eventually secured her place in the final with a 21-17 win. In the second semi final, Jane struck out to take a 13-7 lead before Jenny took a few points back. Jane ran out to win 21- 11.

Both Jane Bowler and Linda Williams have won this competition before, so it was going to be a great final. Linda won the toss and worked up a strong lead of 9-2. She wasn't prepared to let go and held the lead all the way winning the title and the shield with a 21-11 win. Linda will represent Wales at the British Ladies Merit,

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Winner Linda Williams




Sunday 20th May 2018

The 2018 Ladies County matches got underway on Sunday 20 May. Wales played Mid Cheshire with the Home venue at Min Y Don Bowling Club and the Away venue, Rudheath Sports and Social Club, Cheshire. The Referee for the afternoon was Stan Warburton. Past President Dusia Price, EGB Member Peter Higham, WCGBA Secretary Pauline Lindley and Patron John Percy all came to support the match. The Wales squad fielded eleven players from the previous days' Welsh Ladies Merit and at the Home venue, one player was to mark her debut for the senior side.

Amanda Nicholas ( Gresford Collier) led the team at number one, an unusual spot for Amanda, who admitted to a shaky start. However, undaunted she played some excellent bowls to chalk up the first win for Wales at Home 21-11. It was a 'win two and lose two' situation in the first four. Miriam Forder ( Conwy) beating Pat Newhouse 21-16 and Abigail Wyn-Jones (Denbigh ) and Linda Kirkham ( Coed Talon) lost to 16 and 12 respectively. In the middle four there was only one winner, Marilyn Lea ( Eirias Park) who won to 21-15. Wales had better fortune in the final four with three winners, Nia Jones ( Coed Talon) , Jane Bowler ( Conwy) and Sarah Nicholas ( Gresford Colliery ) all scoring 21-11.

For Nia Jones, this was an extra special day. She is already a steady player with the Wales Junior Squad and, today, made her first appearance with the Senior side. She didn't show any nerves and received a lot of support from her Captain and team mates. Her 21-11 win in the number 9 spot earned her the Player of the Match award.

The final score at Home was Wales 205 and Mid-Cheshire 201.

For the Away side, fortunes were also mixed. President Brenda Jones travelled with the team to Rudheath. In the first, four Emily Gowan ( Broughton) was our only winner 21-16, Ashley Zepeda ( Nercwys) ended her game with a close 21-20 loss. The middle four had better luck with three out of four wins. Chris Hey ( Sychdyn ) won 21-18, Aileen Coleman ( Oakenholt ) won 21-11 and Kelly Fleet ( Parciau ) won 21 -14. We had to wait some time for the result of the final Away game. Two excellent lady players, who have met each other on more than one occasion battled it out for their counties. Eventually Nicola Boulton beat Linda Williams 21-18.

The final score Away was Wales 191 and Mid-Cheshire 227.

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Player of the Match - Nia Jones