The game started with a moving speech and a minutes silence for Cynthia Tongue who i played in the same match last year, a stark reminder that when all's said and done it is just a game of bowls.

It was a baking hot day which I think lead to a slightly muted atmosphere, energy preservation very important.

Emma Broad 10-21 - what can I say, I was out bowled by an experienced player and got a bit stuck in the middle of the green. Credit where credits due she wrapped it.

Andrea Muncey 21-17 - didn't really see much but I heard Andrea bowled really well and when lying game at 20-12 was unlucky not to win bigger.

Sarah hey 21-15 - heard Sarah bowled really well (beginning to expect it)

Carole jones 18-21 - Carole was 18-16ish up I think, I blinked and missed what happened at the end.

Lesley Williams 21-8 - lesley was devastating on the little wiggly marks.

Cath Rogers 21-20 - nip and tuck all the way through, cath getting on the long ones to pull through at the end, well battled.

Amanda Nicholas 21-7 - also pretty fantastic on the short and wiggly ones.

Kath Altman 21-16 - "we'll bowled Aunty Kath" ...... I can't see why anyone would find that annoying 

Chris hey 21-12 - bowled really really well. I don't think either Chris or Sarah have lost a game yet so that 8 out of 8 for the the way to win is obviously to fill our team up with heys, are there anymore out there we could use???

Sarah Nicholas 13-21 - Sarah was in the game on a little round peg and then a dodgy wick off a short bowl and the game changed and her opponent lead some good bowls

Rachel hawker 4-21 - Rachel's opponent was just awesome, nothing much she could have done.

Linda Williams 21-14 - Linda boxed a couple on the first few ends and then settled down in the corners, bowled some great woods towards the end.

@ Coed Talon we won by 20 - about 20 short of what I thought we'd need so although it was a win not a great one. But credit to Yorkshire they all bowled it well and they were an excellent team.

@ woodlands we lost by 56 so lost by 36 overall.

Don't think we can qualify for the supplementary now, but anything is possible.