Well after a fun bus journey to north midlans and story of mr jacko scoring 12 goals in a game footy...i think not...anyway we arrive at the venue and for some of us take a look at the green for the first time...OH MY EYES... what a green, at first glance comments were looks ok...second glance at side of green was...oh shit look at the slope...from prctice...we maybe in trouble here...That said that is not the spirit of the Welsh and we would always give it best no matter how hard the task maybe..

1 Richard Burdett Highway 21 v John Bailey Llanrwst 16
not the best start at 0-7 but wales No1 is a fighter and dug deep to get a very good 16

2 Mark Blackmore Bedworth 21 v Nick Hughes Cunliffe 18
freako couldnt shake blacky off 16-12 up lying 2 and blacky bowls dead un and then 3 immaculate ends.. good game

3 Paul Lamb Copsewood 21 v Ivor Jones Rhos Park 20
ivor was getting loads of stick from what i heard but the fight from ivor was awesome and unlucky not to win in the end

4 Les Haylor Highway 21v Geraint Williams Gresford Colliery 10
jacko didnt settle and was up against it, dug deep to fight for every chalk

5 Willie Beal Baddesley 18 v Gerwyn Davies Gresford Colliery 21
class beasty lad...took the game to willie on hardest mark on green and wrapped it..top game

6 Phil Perry Haunchwood 20 v Darren Williams Deganwy 21
dazzler was in ace form and to me never looked like losing..another top performance from the dazzler

7 Kit Kitlinski BBC 21 v Roger Morgan (Capt) Craig-y-Don 16
Kit played some minging marks i was glad not to be playing him..roger lead well with block and was unlucky to stand on 16

8 Len Fulleylove Bermuda 12 v Daniel Jones Deganwy 21
strongbow kid again like beast was class...in control from first bowl and got us back in the game

9 Mark Burdett Highway 20 v Peter Jones Deganwy 21
big tussle this with game going back and forth but one thing u get from pee wee is blood, sweat and the tears..gave his all

10 Liam Bench Bedworth 20 v Anthony Bailey Llanrwst 21
another decent game with top bowling from Bailey boy...unluck not to get out to 12 but home lad kept fighting

11 Anthony Wood Kenilworth 17 v Chris Slater CBRBL 21
slates is massive player for us, gives all he has in serch of win and made this green look normal the way he played

12 Jim Robertson Newdigate 06 v Andrew Hughes Gresford Colliery 21
well now....MOM by a mile....from memory i think hughesy worse bowl was foot away when he had the block..cant say enough about this performance..but it was utter utter class hughesy lad

what a result...never lost there b4 today and wouldnt think they will lose many more on that thing..yet again the support from the welsh was amazing and counts for a few chalks..u would have thought we were the home side..

great result but on to next game and if play anything like this we are force to be reckoned with...