Great day for Welsh bowls home and away. Many congratulations to all involved with away team.


1. Jason Jones v Wayne Ditchfield21-5

Jason was brilliant from the first end on and could have won this one twice

over against one of the best in the country!!


2. Dylan Williams v Ashleigh Woof16-21

††††† Dylan was excellent in first half of game showing no nerves on his debut. Got done on one mark which Ashleigh bowled extremely well. Very good performance and a Wales player for years to come in my opinion.


3. Nick Hughes v James Grimston18-21

†††† Nick was up against it from the off against a quality opponent who was all over the jack and striking Nick off when he wasnít !!Nick rallied, played well and got back to 18, another good performance. Then his performance off the green was excellent in response to away banter and was surely worth several more points to us. Well done Nick.


4. Ivor Jones v Lee Heaton. 9-21

Lee was excellent and arguably their best player on the day. Ivor was honest enough to say that he wasnít at his best on the day. This happens Ivor and you will be back because you are quality.


5. Keith Bailey v Darren Edmondson21-17

Darren started really well and had a good lead, away crowd on Keithís back,- they hadnít heard of Keith Bailey, well they have now ! Well played under pressure.


6. Steve Lawley v Terry Wood21-20

Didnít see much of this one as was on at the same time but was told it was a quality game by both players. Well done Steve.


7. Barry Harris v Hugh Hornby 21-17

Thought I played quite well against a good player and gentleman who beat me convincingly 2 years ago.


8. Geraint Booth v Tim Houghton 10-21

Again didnít see much of this one but was told Geraint got off to a decent start and it was nip and tuck until half way when Tim broke away.


9. Geraint Jones v Jon Metters 21-16

Geraint played his usual good game on Betws and beat a decent opponent well.


10. Peter Jones v Dave Welsby16-21

Peter played really well first half of game and had a good lead, but Dave persevered and found excellent length on a mark across the green and ran out a deserved winner.


11. Paul Walley v Mel Byron 21-9

Paul was outstanding on his 20 metre marks and would have been MOM on any other day. Fair play to Mel he played well and deservedly got a few back near the end, but Paul was excellent.


12. Neale Charlton v Dave Jackson21-10

As usual Neale was quality and beat a very good player comfortably. I have watched Neale quite a few times for Wales over the years and he NEVER lets us down. Quality.