2012 Wales were in group 4 in the DRAKES Pride Championship, This group consisted of Lancashire, Warwick & Worcester, and Wales.


The first game Wales played Lancashire the home team playing at Gresford Colliery and the away team at Coppul Conservative Club Chorley

At the colliery Wales won 9 out of 12 blocks, five of these to single figures Dyfan Hughes to 3 being the best score.

Wales 237   Lancashire 154  Wales win at home by 83 chalks.

At Chorley the away team won 8 out of 12 blocks a good performance by the away side with Sion Jones wining to 8.

Wales 218   Lancashire 188  Wales won the game by 30 and the match by 113. 



Wales second game was played two months later in July against Warwick & Worcester this was to be the game of the group.

The home game being played Aston BC and the away game 

At Ward End Cons BC

At Aston the home side won 6 blocks but had an off day on a green that they have won on well in the past.

Jordan Riley wining to 7 but Jay Salisbury being picked as man of the match .

Warwick Worcester played well to win 6 blocks and earn a draw. WALES  213    WARWICK WORCESTER 213.

At  Ward End Wales played a strong home side who  played their green well winning 10 blocks. Dylan Williams won to 10 and Callum Graves won to 20 as Wales lost the game and the match by 62 .



Wales went to the supplementary  played at Helsby  we had 4 players from the home squad and 4 from the away squad  and played in a group of 4 teams on green 2

South Yorkshire  Staffordshire and Merseyside we won all three games. On green 1 were Cumbria  Gtr Manchester  Lancashire and Derbyshire, who won through to play Wales in the final.

All eight players played their part in a great win, WALES 135  DERBYSHIRE 131 with Jay Salisbury wining all his games.


2012 has been a good year for our juniors who have represented the WCGBA well in all competitions.




Peter Griffiths   Team Co-ordinator,