Mens 2016 Season


Lewis Scott 2016 Welsh Champion of Champions

Welsh Champion of Champions

Pictured here are Lewis Scott, the 2016 winner, with Peter Higham BCGBA President and Lea Southby from the sponsors Co Op Funeralcare.
Lewis beat Liza Harrison in the first round 21-7. Next he had a great game against John Bailey winning 21-20. In the semi-final he beat David Walker who had won the Bill Hughes trophy earlier in the summer. In the final, Lewis beat reigning Welsh Merit winner Graham Bennett 21-6.
Results and more pictures on Competitions page

Dave Mathias
NW Coast Presidents Merit winner John Short

North Wales Coast League Presidents Day 2016

President Dave Mathias held the day at Llanfair PG on 1st October 2016. Congratulations to John Short of Bangor City Bowling Club who beat Garth Evans of Sunny Rhyl Bowling Club 21 shots to 11 in the final. Click on photo for more pictures.

Welsh Club Championship
Welsh Club Championship Results

Welsh Club Championship 2016

Congratulations to Esclusham for winning the Welsh Club Championship 2016 at Gate Hangs High BC on Sunday 18th September. Click on results photo to see full size.

Binns Cup
Binns Cup winners Abergele A

Congratulation to Abergele A on Winning the Binns Cup

Their opponents this year were Rhos Park A who put up a great fight, but could not repeat their victory of 2013. Thanks to the large crowd who turned out at Allanson Road to watch a great final. This now takes Abergele A onto the Club Championships to be held in the Wrexham area on Sunday 18th September.

Click here for Binns cup programme
Derek Caughter
Derek Caughter 1985 Welsh Merit winner

Death of a legend

Sad to report a great character of Welsh bowls, Derek Caughter, has passed away.

Tribute by D.T.Evans
BCGBA Qualifiers
BCGBA Qualifiers

2016 Flowfit BCGBA Senior Merit held at Llay BC on Saturday 30th July

The 2016 Flowfit BCGBA Senior Merit was won by Matt Gilmore of Merseyside who defeated Andy Moss of Shropshire 21-18. The event was a great success and BCGBA President Peter Higham has sent this message to all involved Click here for message

Merit Winner
Graham Bennett Cunliffe BC

Gwyn Morris Mens Senior Merit played on Sunday 26th June 2016 at Aston Bowling Club

Gwyn Morris Mens Senior Merit Winner Graham Bennett pictured with WCGBA President Martin Richardson, BCGBA President Peter Higham and Gwyn Morris' son, Clive Morris.

Senior Merit
Graham Bennett 2016 winner

Gwyn Morris Mens Senior Merit Winner

The winner of the Senior Merit played at Aston BC on Sunday 26th June was Graham Bennett of Cunliffe BC. Graham defeated Chris Slater of Colwyn Bay RBL 21-15 in the final. Losing semi-finalists were Nick Jones of Cunliffe and Adam Harris of Beaumaris. Full results can be seen on the Mens page.

WALES 415 v YORKSHIRE 441 played on 3rd July 2016

At Bradley Park Bowling Club, Postcode LL11 4DA

Wales Score Score Yorkshire
1 Keiron Roberts Esclusham 16 21 Thomas Hanson Pudsey
2 Dave (Dickie) Jones Gresford Colliery 16 21 Scott Fisher Denby Grange
3 Kevin Nicholas Gresford Colliery 21 16 James Hanson Pudsey
4 Colin Jones Jnr Cunliffe 04 21 Jack Dyson Netherton Con
5 Darren Lacey Esclusham 20 21 Chris Mordue Pudsey
6 Joey Williams Gresford Colliery 21 16 Craig Newton Lower Hopton WMC
7 Simon Tyler Esclusham 19 21 Ian Booth Lower Hopton WMC
8 Andy Delooze Gresford Colliery 19 21 Nicky White Thongsbridge
9 Ian Dutton Esclusham 21 20 Phil Dowgill Clayton Victoria
10 Adam Penlington Broughton 21 17 Kevin Burns Ossett Flying Horse
11 Richard Zolman Gresford Colliery 09 21 Liam Griffin Pudsey
12 David A Jones (capt) Esclusham 21 20 James Davison (capt) Thongsbridge
Total 208 236
Reserves From Reserves From
Francis Penlington Broughton Stuart King Pudsey Littlemore
Graham Bennett Cunliffe Danny Towning Whitkirk
Ian M Jones Cunliffe Dave Fisher Morton House
Mark Turner Gresford Colliery John Mordue Pudsey
Jono Shaw Johnstown
Martin Jones Cunliffe


At Rastrick Bowling Club, Postcode HD6 3EZ

Wales Score Score Yorkshire
1 Paul Walley Abergele 15 21 Craig Gant Netherton Con
2 Paul Hallett Esclusham 21 07 Wayne Moseley Lockwood Con
3 Jason Jones Abergele 21 09 Harry Seehra Lower Hopton WMC
4 Nick Hughes Cunliffe 09 21 Dave Fox Kirkheaton Con
5 John Short Bangor 19 21 Kieran Smith Crossgates
6 Gerwyn Davies Cunliffe 21 19 John Spinks Pudsey
7 Mike Riley (capt) Coed Talon 20 21 Ashley Tattersley Lower Hopton WMC
8 Geraint Williams Gresford Colliery 10 21 Simon Walder Lower Hopton WMC
9 Lewis Scott St Asaph 21 03 James Wilcox Crossgates
10 Neale Charlton Fron Park 16 21 Robert Hitchen Lower Hopton WMC
11 Andy Hughes Gresford Colliery 21 20 G I Wilson (capt) Lower Hopton WMC
12 Craig Griffiths Esclusham 13 21 Ashley Daykin Netherton Con
Total 207 205
Reserves From Reserves From
Kris Fearnley St Asaph Gareth Coates Ackroyd Victoria
Mike Pritchard Llanrwst Richard Helliwell Old Town
Carl M Roberts Esclusham Joel Abdy Lower Hopton WMC
John Bonatti Coed Talon Gaz Lally Crossgates
Roger Morgan Craig y Don Gary Siswick Crossland Moor
Kris Charlton Fron Park Steven Gilroy Crossgates



Played at Aston BC on Sunday 26th June


WALES 427 v LANCASHIRE 394 played 5th June 2016

At Trefnant Bowling Club, Postcode LL16 5UE

Wales Score Score Lancashire
1 Kris Fearnley St Asaph 21 17 Billy Speed Alexandra Park
2 Adam Penlington Broughton 17 21 Chris Cooke Alexandra Park
3 Jason Jones Abergele 21 14 Damien Morrison King & Queen
4 Trevor Heath St Asaph 21 17 Danny Finch Railway Rebels
5 Kris Charlton Fron Park 21 07 Mark Furber Grange
6 Mike Pritchard Llanrwst 21 16 Ian Pendlebury Over Hulton Cons
7 Steve Dace Min y Don 11 21 Neil Rodgers Wigan Subscription
8 Francis Penlington Broughton 19 21 Matt Humphreys King & Queen
9 Lewis Scott (capt) St Asaph 21 16 Ian Grady Railway Rebels
10 Matthew Roberts Broughton 21 10 Robert Lawrenson St Albans
11 Neale Charlton Fron Park 21 12 George Chadwick Westhoughton S & Sc
12 Paul Walley Abergele 21 06 Chris Ashton Grange
Total 236 178
Reserves From Reserves From
John Short Bangor Danny Watson Rylands
Ivor Jones Rhos Park Dave Twigg King & Queen
Andy Jones St Asaph David Fenney Railway Rebels
Gareth P Hughes Min y Don
Berwyn Williams St Asaph


At Wigan Subscription Club, Postcode WN1 1SA

Wales Score Score Lancashire
1 Leighton Roberts Esclusham 21 15 Kevan Shaw Westhoughton S & Sc
2 Gerwyn Davies Cunliffe 21 09 Paul Winrow Alexandra Park
3 Nick Hughes Cunliffe 21 14 Nicky Shaw Garswood Hall
4 Paul Hallett Esclusham 20 21 Neil Bithell NCB
5 Mike Riley (capt) Coed Talon 21 18 Jack Marrow Ravine
6 David A Jones Esclusham 14 21 Chris Hook Ravine
7 John Bonatti Coed Talon 09 21 David Higginbottom Westhoughton S & Sc
8 Martin Jones Cunliffe 09 21 Barry Sim Holts Arms
9 Geraint Williams Gresford Colliery 21 13 Darren Allsopp Horwich
10 Keiron Roberts Esclusham 17 21 Harvey Birch Holts Arms
11 Carl Roberts Esclusham 08 21 Michael Heap Garswood Hall
12 Craig Griffiths Esclusham 09 21 Duncan Watkins Horwich RMI
Total 191 216
Reserves From Reserves From
Darren Lacey Esclusham Ian Young St Benedicts
Robin Bennett Cunliffe Alan Hill Leigh
Joey Williams Gresford Colliery Steve Jones Horwich RMI
Simon Tyler Esclusham Danny Miller St Matthews
Kevin Nicholas Gresford Colliery Lee Evans Bar Lane
Roger Morgan Craig y Don Ian Dennis Abram Parish
Dave Jones Gresford Colliery

WALES 443 v CHESHIRE 408 played 1st May 2016

At Colwyn Bay Royal British Legion, Postcode LL29 7BB

Wales Score Score Cheshire
1 Lewis Scott St Asaph 21 14 Steve Morrey Queens Park
2 Ivor Jones Rhos Park 17 21 Dave O'Brien (vc) Castle Private
3 Jason Jones Abergele 21 13 Danny Nixon Wharton Cons
4 Trevor Heath St Asaph 21 12 Danny Baines Sale Excelsior
5 Keith Bailey Beaumaris 07 21 Jamie Bramley Sale Excelsior
6 David A Jones Esclusham 21 17 Phil Davies Comberbach BC
7 John Short Bangor 21 14 Noel Burrows Sale Excelsior
8 Kris Ferarnley St Asaph 21 18 Andy Hamman Castle Private
9 Nick Hughes Cunliffe 20 21 Matt Thurlwell Comberbach BC
10 Craig Griffiths Esclusham 21 10 Robert Winnington (c) Castle Private
11 Neale Charlton Fron Park 20 21 Steve Curbishley Castle Private
12 Mike Riley (capt) Coed Talon 18 21 Shaun Yearsley Wharton Cons
Total 229 203
Reserves From Reserves From
Geraint Booth Llanfair PG Adi Faulkner Castle Private
Kris Fearnley St Asaph Matt Hamman Castle Private
Dylan Williams Llanfair PG Ian Howell Castle Private
Gareth P Hughes Min y Don Joe Illidge Altrincham Borough
Simon Livings Min y Don Paul Mackie Castle Private
Barry Harris Beaumaris Danny Moores Comberbach BC


At Knutsford Bowling Club, Postcode WA16 6SL

Wales Score Score Cheshire
1 Paul Hallett Esclusham 20 21 Glynn Cookson Wharton Cons
2 Leighton Roberts Esclusham 21 07 Carl Armitage (capt) Houldsworth WMC
3 Adam Penlington Broughton 17 21 Lee Fletcher Lloyd Hotel
4 Gerwyn Davies Cunliffe 21 09 Neil Smith Sale Excelsior
5 Roger Morgan Craig y Don 15 21 Tom Vickers Wharton Cons
6 Keiron Roberts Esclusham 21 17 Jason Cornes (vc) Castle Private
7 Kevin Nicholas Gresford Colliery 10 21 Ryan Sandham Poynton Sports
8 Nick Jones Cunliffe 15 21 Jimmy Harrison St Oswalds
9 Geraint Williams Gresford Colliery 21 18 Simon Cookson Wharton Cons
10 Darren Lacey Esclusham 17 21 Michael McDonnell Lloyd Hotel
11 John Bonatti Coed Talon 15 21 Lee Johnstone Houldsworth WMC
12 Andrew Hughes (capt) Gresford Colliery 21 07 Paul Dooley Poynton Sports
Total 214 205
Reserves From Reserves From
John Bailey Llanrwst Barry Ellams Frodsham Red Lion
Francis Penlington Broughton Matt Gatley Waggon and Horses
Joey Williams Gresford Colliery Dave Phillips Lloyd Hotel
Simon Tyler Esclusham Matt Sands Lloyd Hotel
Daniel Jones Llanrwst Neil Smith Sale Excelsior
Mark Parry Llanrwst Pete Smith Lloyd Hotel
Martin Jones Cunliffe Danny Roberts Grange Sports
Mike Pritchard Llanrwst


Senior County Championship 5-year Calendar 2015 to 2019

County Associations shown in the order of draw.

Section One: Greater Manchester, Derbyshire, Cheshire, Cumbria
Section Two: South Yorkshire, North Lancs & Fylde, North Midlands, Wales
Section Three: Potteries & District, Yorkshire, Warwick & Worcester, Merseyside
Section Four: Shropshire, Isle of Man, Lancashire, Staffordshire

Section One: Greater Manchester, South Yorkshire, Potteries & District, Shropshire
Section Two: Derbyshire, North Lancs & Fylde, Merseyside, Isle of Man
Section Three: Cheshire, Wales, Yorkshire, Lancashire
Section Four: Cumbria, North Midlands, Warwick & Worcester, Staffordshire

Section One: Greater Manchester, North Midlands, Yorkshire, Isle of Man
Section Two: Derbyshire, Wales, Warwick & Worcester, Shropshire
Section Three: Cumbria, South Yorkshire, Merseyside, Lancashire
Section Four: Cheshire, North Lancs & Fylde, Potteries & District, Staffordshire

Section One: Greater Manchester, North Lancs & Fylde, Warwick & Worcester, Lancashire
Section Two: Cheshire, North Midlands, Merseyside, Shropshire
Section Three: Cumbria, Wales, Potteries & District, Isle of Man
Section Four: Derbyshire, South Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Staffordshire

Section One: Derbyshire, North Midlands, Potteries & District, Lancashire
Section Two: Cheshire, South Yorkshire, Warwick & Worcester, Isle of Man
Section Three: Cumbria, North Lancs & Fylde, Yorkshire, Shropshire
Section Four: Greater Manchester, Wales, Merseyside, Staffordshire

Peter Higham

New BCGBA President

Peter Higham becomes 2016 British Crown Green Bowling Association President.

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BCGBA, WCGBA and Vice Presidents

New WCGBA President

Pictured from left are Peter Higham BCGBA President for 2016, Dusia Price Deputy President WCGBA and Martin Richardson WCGBA President.

Ken Skates (Deputy Minister for Sport)

Launch of Bowl4Life for 2016

Friday 1st 12:00pm
Ken Skates (Deputy Minister for Sport) delivers a bowl to launch of Bowl4Life at Gladstone Bowling Club in Hawarden watched by Peter Higham (British President), Martin Richardson (Welsh President)and Tom Middlehurst (Flintshire President)