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11 Maes Esgob,                    24 Lon-y-Mes,                      2,Little Paddock Res. Park          5 WentworthAve,

DYSERTH,                            ABERGELE,                         KINMEL BAY                                      ABERGELE

Denbighshire. LL18 6HB  Conwy. LL22 7JG               Conwy    LL18 5GZ                             CONWY LL22 


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                                                                                                                        25th July 2009      

To All  Event Organisers, Team Captains and Members of National Governing Bodies.


            Dear Sir / Madam


            Since its inception The Welsh Crown Green Bowling Association Referee’s Society has sought to administer a service to the game of bowls based only on the following criteria:


1)     To recognise immediately the significance of the event itself


2)     To appoint officials with the appropriate experience to do the event justice whilst keeping all expenses within reasonable limits


3)     To take into account the Development Potential of every  referee


There are some people within our game who are sometimes inadvertently, sometimes purposely, seeking to set aside these objectives for their own ends, often under thethreat of complete non co-operation in the future.


From the start of season 2009 all requests, from whatever quarter, for individual referees, will be disregarded and all appointments will be made based on the above criteria only.


The W C G B A  and the B C G B A have been consulted with respect to this situation and have asked to be kept informed.


We sincerely hope that the continued co-operation of all involved will be forthcoming   and that through the elected Placement Secretary the Society can be allowed to do its job and serve this noble game of ours.


Yours in Sport -  Peter Hayes  ( Placement Secretary )


Peter Hayes     Placement Secretary  WCGBA Referees Society