Firstly may I say that from the start it was apparent that the green 
picked for the match was in immaculate condition but the Great British Weather 
had intervened and made it a different green from the one that had been 
practice on, It actually speeded up as the day wore on.
A lovely green surface 
with more and more brown appearing as the game progressed, very difficult to 
play on.
Must say though that the away side picked it up as it was on the day 
and they all produced quality bowls.

1. Paul battled hard but was not 
comfortable on the Green, recorded no 2's, battled hard to get to 13.

2. Again Simon found the green difficult, but 14 was a creditable score.

3. Probably the best all round  game of the day. Nick stuck to it when he could quite easily 
been out of the game. Finished off with 2 good runs at the end.

4. After a  good start, Darren only held on to the jack once for more than one end after 
that, kept battling.

5. Good comeback from 9-1 down, unlucky not to win 
especially with him counting 2 bowls a foot off in the corners  and his 
opponent picking up the jack for a dead end.

6. Mom performance from Chris's 
opponent who never seemed to bowl a bad bowl, always under pressure.

7.  What a start from Leighton going 10- 1 up, after that his opponent gave him no chance 
as he bowled immaculately.
Very promising debut game.

8. A great comeback from 
9-1, Graham then got into the game and and found a straightforward mark 
finishing off the game with a run 0f 8. Well played Graham , a thoroughly 
deserved 1st win.

9.Not Marcus's day, but his opponent did not give him a lot 
of room.

10. Carl kept it simple and was on the day the most consistent 
performer with very few bad bowls. Just edged the
Welsh Mom award.

11.Again Francis played it simple and with a good run in the middle of the game won 

12.Craig could not keep hold of the jack only twice during the 
game putting 2 ends together.

Beaten by a better team on the day with a lot of 
their players having big breaks. Having the jack and keeping it was the 
difference on the day especially with the green picking up speed as the day 
wore on.