The economic situation as we are all so fully aware did not improve ,in fact it worsened in 2012 making it so very difficult in obtaining sponsorship especially with as we know the Olympic Games in London taking the majority of any available cash. It seems so unfair that many of the major sports receive vast sums of cash & support whilst minority sports as they choose to call them such as Bowls receive a pittance even though these sports have a large following.

WCGBA however once again received sponsorship from Threeways Garage, Abergele through their Hyundai dealership which I am very pleased to report was increased to encompass a Junior Competition. I am sure we are so grateful to Mr Carl Cunnah of Threeways Garage, our Partners for his invaluable support.

We are also so grateful to The Co-operative Funeralcare who once again sponsored our Men's Veterans team and through the help of Mr John Taylor has increased the sponsorship with extra monies to support the Ladies Veterans Teams. We also sincerely thank the local Managers & Staff of Co- operative Funeralcare for their help & involvement. At the present time discussions are being held with Funeralcare to further move forward together.

We are also currently looking to obtain help from Specsavers with local shop involvement in competitions etc.

However as we are aware or should be, we need to have plans in place as to what we are trying to achieve and what benefits sponsors would get if they joined us. Too often we see Sponsors being invited to present prizes etc in competitions and only a handful of folk staying to support, this needs to change quickly if we are to move forward. It is futile having an organisation where the only people that know what is happening is a select group, everyone should be kept informed.

As you are aware we are hoping to have Electronic Scoreboards in use this year and it would be a worthwhile exercise if we could get a local or national establishment to sponsor the board by having their name over the top, if you can help in providing the name of anyone who would help us in your area it would be great

I hope that we will be able to look forward to a brighter economic climate in 2013 to enable new monies to be obtained




Terry Williams