A squad of 10 players was chosen to represent Wales at this championship. Several of the players were new to the team and several had played there before.

Our opponents on the day were; South Staffordshire, Dudley and District and North Warwickshire.

The opening match was a very close affair with Wales scoring 104 to South Staffordshire 102. Winners for Wales were, Doreen Butler 15-13, Chris Nevitt 15-11, Sue Stanworth 15- 5 and Kath Altmann 15-13.

The players breezed through the second match beating Dudley and District by 113 to 76. The winners were Lynda Curzon 15-10, Doreen Butler 15-12, Sue Stanworth 15-4, Kath Bates 15-0, Kath Altmann 15-12 and Chris Nevitt 15-8. Our opponents in the final match North Warwickshire had also won both of their matches. In the end we won 111 to 91 to qualify for the semi final. Winners were Lesley Williams 15-7, Lynda Curzon 15-7, Doreen Butler 15-13, Kath Altmann 15-6, and Kath Bates 15-13.

We then moved to a neutral green, were we were to play Cheshire. We had two early successes Lesley Williams 15-13 and Lynda Curzon 15-5. Unfortunately we had no further winners and we were fairly beaten 105 to 82. Miriam Forder put up a good fight before going down 14-15 whilst Kath Bates scored 11 against Maureen Lyons a winner at the Isle of Man tournament earlier in the week.

We finally left at 6.30 leaving the final to Cheshire and Greater Manchester. A magnificent performance by all of the team


Chris Jones