1. NAME

                THE WELSH CROWN GREEN BOWLING ASSOCIATION (hereinafter called   'The Association') founded in 1927, which is affiliated to the British Crown Green Bowling Association (hereinafter called 'the Parent Body') and is the Governing Body of Crown Green Bowls in Wales.


                2. OBJECTS

                 The objects of This Association shall be :-

                                a) To promote, encourage, develop and govern Crown Green Bowling in Wales.

b) To organise competitions in respect of those under the Parent Body, together with those under the jurisdiction of The Association.

                                c) To obtain uniformity in the game by adopting the laws of the Parent Body.


                3. MEMBERSHIP

a) This Association is open to all bona-fide Area Bowling Associations, Leagues and Clubs in Wales.

b) Any organisation deemed by the Management Committee to be of Area status, shall be eligible for membership and must be duly proposed and seconded and approved by those present at the Annual General Meeting, before being admitted.

c) All Clubs must be affiliated to an Area Association, within  the Geographical boundaries, as defined by the Association.

d) All players wishing to play competitive bowls under the Rules of the Parent Body, must be in possession of a bona-fide Registration Card and number, issued by the Parent Body.

e) All players wishing to play competitive bowls under the Association Rules, must pay an Annual Registration Fee, as determined at the Annual General Meeting.

Failure to pay the Annual Registration Fee will automatically debar individuals from playing until such proof has been furnished. Dependant upon the circumstances it may also lead to disciplinary action being taken.



                4. STATUS

                   The status and order of priority of Areas, Leagues and Players are:-

                   (1) British Crown Green Bowling Association.

                   (2) Welsh Crown Green Bowling Association.

                   (3) The Area Association.

                   (4) The League.

                   (5) The Club.

                   (6) The Player.


                5. AREA ASSOCIATION

(a)  The Association shall comprise of Four Geographical Areas, as defined by the Management Committee, namely :-

                                                (1) Flintshire

                                                (2) Glyndwr

                                                (3) Gwynedd

                                                (4) Wrexham and District


(b)      Each Area Association shall, before 31st January in each year, submit three representatives, together with the Area Secretary, and such representatives, with the Officers mentioned in Rule 6, form the Management Committee.




                6. MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE

                   The affairs, work and activities of The Association shall be managed by :-

                                (a) Patron

                                (b) President and Deputy President

                                (c) Chairman and Vice Chairman

                                (d) Chief Executive

                                (e) Secretary

                                (f) Junior Bowling Secretary

                                (g) Financial Officer

                                (h) Hon. Tournament Officer

                                (i) Player Registrar

                                (j) Life Members

                                (k) Area Association Representatives

                                (l) Welsh Senior Team Manager, Welsh Ladies Team Manager, Welsh Veteranís Team Manager and Welsh Junior Team  Manager

                                (m) Senior Team Co-ordinator

                                (n) Junior Team Co-ordinator

                                (o) Medical Officer

                                (p) Coaching Society Delegate

                                (q) Sponsorship Officer

                                (r) Immediate Past President for 1 year

                                (s) Refereeís Society Delegate

                                (t) Ladies Section Delegate Or Welsh Ladies Team Manager

                (u) Development Officer

                (v) Press Officer

                (w) Welsh Liaison Officer

                (x) Child Protection Officer

                (y) Chair Welsh Ladies Committee

                (z) Website Manager

The Management Committee shall have the powers to nominate the Deputy President of the British Crown Green Bowling Association, and the Management Member on the British Crown Green Bowling Association's Management Committee.


                7. SUBSCRIPTIONS

(a) Each Area Association and League shall pay an Affiliation Fee per annum, such Fee will be determined by the Annual General Meeting, and be payable on or before the 1st June to the Association's Financial Officer.

(b) Each Area Association shall be responsible for collecting from Affiliated Clubs, the Annual Subscription that has been determined by the Annual General Meeting.

(c) If any Area Association, League or Club has not paid their Affiliation Fee And Individual Player Registration Fees by June 1st, of the year that they are due, then all players belonging to that Area Association, League or Club will not be allowed to participate in any tournaments/games played under the jurisdiction of the Welsh Crown Green Bowling Association.



                8) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

The Annual General Meeting is to be held on the Second Saturday in February, each year, unless unforeseen events intervene to make this impossible. Any alteration in date will be at the discretion of the Management Committee. The venue for the AGM will be at a central location determined by the Management Committee.

The Agenda for the Annual General Meeting will be drawn up by the Chief Executive, and approved by the Management Committee.

                       The Agenda will include :-

                                (a) Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting.

                                (b) Chief Executive's Report.

                                (c) Financial Officer's Report.

(d) Hon. Auditor's Report.

                                (e) Election of the following Officers:-

                                                President and Deputy President.

                                                Chief Executive.


                                                Junior Bowling Administrator.

                                                Financial Officer.

                                                Tournament Officer,

                                                Players Registrar.


                                                New Life Members.

                                                Medical Officer.

                                                Sponsorship Officer.

                                                Welsh Liaison Officer.

                                                Child Protection Officer

                                                Website Manager

                                Not withstanding the above, no person with a criminal record appertaining to the office held shall be allowed to stand for any of the above positions.

                                (f) Any Notices of Motion. (See Rule 11)



 A Special General Meeting may be requested at any time by the Management Committee, or by the Chief Executive, who has been required to do so, in writing by Twelve Clubs. The Chief Executive will be expected to convene such a Special General Meeting within a month of receiving the request.


                10. ATTENDANCE AT MEETINGS

            All Persons and Bodies affiliated to the Association shall be entitled to attend the Annual and Special  General Meetings. (This includes all members that have paid the Annual Registration Fee Ė see Rules 3) Any Association, League or Club that does not have representation, will be subject to a £10 fine.


All meetings run under the auspices of the Welsh Crown Green  Bowling Association shall Be non- smoking.



                11. NOTICES

                 (a) Fourteen days notice must be given to convene an Annual or Special General Meeting. If such notices contain recommendations, or notice of motion by the Management Committee, Area Association or Chief Executive, relating to the Constitution Association and/or revision of rules, a full copy of the   proposition must be stated in the notice.

                (b) A proposed alteration of Rule and Constitution by any Area, must be by notice of motion, and sent to the Chief Executive at least Twenty-eight days before the Annual General Meeting.


                12. VOTING POWER

                At all Annual and Special General Meetings of the Association, only Officers, Committee Members, Life Members, the Patron and Two representatives from every League and Club in the Association shall be entitled to vote on all matters under consideration, the President, or whoever occupies the Chair, to have a casting vote.

      Alterations of the Rules and Constitution of this Association cannot be altered without the consent of at least Two-thirds of those voting.




                At the Annual and Special General Meetings, Twenty-five members shall form a quorum.



The President shall preside at the Annual and Special General Meetings.

In the absence of the President, the Deputy President, Chairman or Vice-Chairman to preside.


                15. PATRON

                The Patron will be recommended by the Management Committee to the Annual General Meeting for endorsement.


                16. LIFE MEMBERS

                Life Members will be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

There will be a Maximum of Ten Life Members. Two elected from each Area plus two elected by the WCGBA Management Committee. Life Members to be replaced by the Area Association where the vacancy exists.


                17. MANAGEMENT MEETINGS

The Management Committee must hold at least Three Meetings every year, the Chief Executive must send out Agendas for such meetings to each Management Member at least Ten days prior to the  meeting. The Management Committee must hold a meeting prior to the Parent Body's Annual General  Meeting, to discuss the Parent Body's agenda. All meetings run under the auspices of the Welsh Crown Green  Bowling Association shall be non-smoking.



                At Management Committee Meetings, Nine Members shall form a quorum.



                (a) At Management Committee Meetings, the Chairman or Vice-Chairman to preside. In the absence of  both, a temporary Chairman to be elected at the meeting.

                (b) The Chairman and Vice-Chairman to be elected for a Three Year period, by the Management Committee.


                20. RESIGNATION

                Any Management Committee Member desiring to resign, must give one monthís notice in writing to the Chief Executive of his/her intention to resign.

If an Area Association Representative resigns, the Area Association has power to co-opt a new representative.

In all other cases of resignation the Management Committee has the power to co-opt a replacement.


                21. SUB-COMMITTEES

                The Management Committee shall elect Sub-Committees to deal with specific matters connected with    the work and the activities of The Association. The Management Committee can co-opt Members on to Sub-Committees and those co-opted members will be entitled to vote on all matters relating to the Sub- Committee upon which the person has been co-opted.



                22. FINANCE

                The Financial Officer shall be responsible for all financial matters

relating to the WCGBA as follows :-

                (a) The Financial Year to end at 30th November each year.

(b) Proper and adequate books and records of Receipts and Payments shall be kept by the Financial Officer.

(c) At all meetings of the Management Committee the Financial Officer shall produce to the Management Committee up to date bank statements and any other documents requested by the Management Committee.

(d) At the end of the year, an Income and Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet is to be prepared and submitted to the Management Committee before the Annual General Meeting.

(e) All the Account Books, Bank Statements and Vouchers shall be Certified by a firm of Chartered Accountants appointed each year at the Annual General Meeting.

(f) All monies received to be paid into the Bank. Cheques to be signed by any two of the following three :-

                                 Financial Officer; Chief Executive or Chairman.

                                (g) The Association is a Non Profit Making Organisation.

                                (h) The appointment of an Auditor should be the joint responsibility of  the Chairman and Financial Officer who will ensure suitability, indications  of cost and that the Auditor sends a letter to the Chief Executive  confirming their appointment and indication of cost. The appointment to be  ratified by the AGM. 


                23. LAWS OF THE GAME

                Area Associations, Leagues and Clubs that are affiliated to The Association shall conduct all Games under the Laws of the Game of Crown Green Bowls as laid down by the Parent Body. Such Area  Associations shall be responsible to see that all their member Clubs are observing such Laws. For Disciplinary Procedures please see Appendix 1.


                24. RECORD OF CLUBS

                The Area Secretary shall lodge with the Associationís Chief Executive a list of all clubs affiliated to such  Area Association, together with a list of names and addresses of the Secretary's of such Clubs not later  than the 31st March in each year. 

                The Associationís Chief Executive shall be notified of any change of Club Secretary as and when they   occur.

                The Associationís Chief Executive should also be informed of any Open Competitions organised by  Member Clubs.

                If a Club has not taken out Public Insurance Liability with the Associationís recommended Agent, then the Club shall lodge with the Associationís Financial Officer, by 30th April, a statement of the Public Liability held.





The following classes of competition can be promoted and organised by the Area Associations, Leagues, Member Clubs and other organisations, subject to the following regulations:-

(a) Promoters of bowling contests inviting or accepting entries from outside their club and within this Association must apply to this Association and pay an affiliation fee of £5 at least 28 days before the commencement of the contest. The application must state the name of the Club  and the venue where the contest is being held. Such contests shall be deemed 'Open Contest to all members of the W.C.G.B.A.'. Promoters of such contests must display on entry forms and all forms of publicity relating to the event the words 'Affiliated to and Approved by the Welsh  Crown Green Bowling Association', the maximum number of entries, the entry fee and the total  prize money. Promoters accepting female entries must clearly indicate it is a mixed  competition. Promoters must ensure that all contestants have a valid B.C.G.B.A. Registration   Card. Any contestants that do not have a valid B.C.G.B.A. Registration Card must be debarred from the competition and reported to the W.C.G.B.A.. Any promoter failing to notify The  Secretary of a contest may liable to a £20 fine.

(b)  Promoters of bowling contests inviting or accepting entries from outside this Association, must apply to the Parent Body and pay the appropriate fee (See BYE-LAW 11 B.C.G.B.A. handbook). Promoters must ensure that all contestants have a valid B.C.G.B.A. registration  Card. Any contestants that do not have a valid B.C.G.B.A. Registration card must be debarred from the competition and reported to the W.C.G.B.A..




(a)                           The method of any Welsh Team selection shall be determined by the Management Committee.

(b)                           This Association has first call to elect any Players who is a member of any club affiliated to any Area Association, to play in the Parent Body's County Championship or any Parent Bodyís Representative Team (including reserves). A notice will be sent to his Club Secretary, who must inform the player. A further copy must be sent to the Area Secretary for information only.

(c)                           Any Player wishing to be excused must write to the Associationís Chief Executive, giving an adequate reason for not accepting the honour, within three days. If any player fails to make such application and neglects to appear at the match, he cannot be considered for selection again or participate in any competitions run under the jurisdiction  of this Association or participate in any competition as a representative of this Association, until he has appeared in person before the Management Committee or an Ad-hoc Committee consisting of the President, Deputy President, Chairman and Chief Executive.

(d)                           Any Player chosen to represent This Association cannot play for his Club in a league match or in a competition on the day of the match, unless the player has received permission from the Welsh Team Manager

(e)                           Any Club having two or more members selected as Player, Reserve or Official in any Parent Body's County Championship match or any Parent Bodyís International match or any Area Association match shall have the right to postpone and re-arrange a League Match within the stipulated time determined by the League Rules.

(f)                            Players and Officials must be prepared to completely fulfil their playing and social obligations to Wales before they undertake any other commitments, unless permitted.

(g)                           In all Parent Body's County Championship matches the Official in Charge shall be selected from the Management Committee by the Team Manager after agreement with the Chief Executive.



                27. AVAILABILITY OF GREENS

                First consideration must be given by all affiliated Clubs to the Associationís requirements to use of  greens. The Association shall have first claim on any green selected for use in their Team Matches and Competitions, provided that fourteen dayís notice is given to the Secretary of any Club whose green has been chosen by the Management Committee. There shall be no charge by the Club to the Association



In the event of the Association ceasing to function directly following a Formal Resolution passed at an Annual or Special General Meeting, or through Insolvency, or for any other reason whatsoever, any surplus funds, after settlement of the necessary costs of winding up the association Affairs, should be distributed equally amongst its Member Area associations.



The WCGBA has compiled and adopted a WCGBA Child Protection Policy. Any allegations in respect  of Child Protection should be referred to the WCGBA Child Protection Officer or the WCGBA Chief    Executive who will refer to the WCGBA Child Protection Officer.

                The Association fully accepts its legal and moral obligation to exercise its duty of care and to protect    ALL children and vulnerable adults participating in its activities and to safeguard their welfare. The Association is committed to doing this by acknowledging that-

                                (a)   the welfare of the individual is paramount

                                (b)   each individual, irrespective of age, gender, religion, race or disability has the right to protection from abuse and

                                (c)    each individual has a right to be safe and treated with respect and dignity.

                                                The Association shall use its best endeavours to ensure that-

                                a)   All allegations of abuse are taken seriously;

                                b)    the response to them is swift and appropriate

                                c)    the effectiveness of the policy is reviewed annually and

                                d)    a responsible person shall be appointed annually as Child Protection to whom members can address any concerns

                                                The Association through its Child Protection SubĖCommittee will devise appropriate seminars for all nominated Child Protection Officers which they  will be expected to attend.

29.1 All areas MUST nominate a Child Protection Officer whose duty is to ensure that the list of Club Protection Officers is kept up to date. The Area Child Protection Officer will be responsible for the administration and collation of the CRB forms and to ensure that the information is correct during the verifying process. He/She will be responsible for passing these on to the WCGBA Counter-Signatory for submission to the CRB. He/she will be responsible for passing the information on any breaches of or concerns regarding the WCGBA policy to the Chief Executive and to the Child Protection Case Management Group for investigation

29.2 All affiliated Clubs MUST nominate a Child Protection Officer by April 1st of any year and inform the Area Child Protection Officer by this date to allow for the relevant CRB check to be carried out. Failure by any club to comply with this procedure will result in the affiliation of that club to the Area and the WCGBA being withdrawn

29.3 As regards any club whose Child Protection Officer resigns after April 1st that club must inform the Area Child Protection Officer immediately and nominate a new Child Protection Officer within ONE MONTH to allow for the relevant CRB check to be carried out. Failure by any club to comply

with this procedure will result in the affiliation of that club to the Area and the WCGBA being withdrawn.

                29.4 When appropriate seminars in Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults to outline the policy and procedures of the WCGBA are held in the Clubís own area the Nominated Child Protection Officers are expected to attend unless a valid reason can be given.

                29.5 Case Management Committee

                The Association has established such a Committee whose specific responsibility is to deal with serious cases contravening the WCGBA Child Protection Policy emanating at any level of the Association. The Committee will receive information from the WCGBA CPO and where appropriate the Area CPO and the Club CPO. The Committee will agree on how the issue is to be resolved. The Committee will minute its deliberations and decisions and report these to the WCGBA Management Committee.


                30. OTHER MATTERS


                In the event of any questions or matters arising, which are not provided for in the Constitution and Rules, such questions or matters shall be dealt with by the Management Committee, whose decision, barring appeal to the Parent Body, shall be final.

                Any decision of the Management Committee in connection with a Complaint or Misdemeanour that results in an Area Association, League, Club or Player being dissatisfied with their decision, then that     Area Association, League, Club or Player has the right to appeal direct to the Parent Body.







                                                                                APPENDIX - PART ONE


                                                                PROTESTS, APPEALS and DEPOSITS


1. All questions of eligibility, qualifications of players or interpretation of the Rules shall be referred to the Management Committee.


2. No protest or complaint shall be determined by the W.C.G.B.A. unless the matter has been considered by a League or Area  Association.

This does not apply to (a) Tournaments affiliated or approved by the W.C.G.B.A. or (b) if there is a serious allegation of bringing the game into disrepute or (c) any events which are the responsibility or organised by the W.C.G.B.A.. In these instances the matter will be dealt with directly by the W.C.G.B.A..


3. Protests, complaints or appeals, which must contain full particulars of the grounds upon which they are founded, must be lodged with The Chief Executive, within 14 days of receiving notification of the result of an appeal to the Area Association or League.

(This Association should allow at least 14 days after a decision by an Area Association or League before they discuss any case).


4. No protest of whatever kind shall be considered by the Management Committee unless the complainant shall have deposited with the Chief Executive the sum of TWENTY FIVE pounds, which may be forfeited in whole or in part to the funds of the W.C.G.B.A.. In the event of the complainant losing the case the Association shall have power to order the complainant making a frivolous protest or complaint to pay the expenses of the enquiry or to order the costs to be shared between the two parties.


5. Parties to a protest or complaint shall be afforded an opportunity of making a written statement to the Management Committee and shall be notified in writing at least 14 days in advance of the date upon which the protest or complaint is to be heard.


6. A Sub Committee consisting of three members of the Management Committee together with the President and Deputy President shall be appointed by the Management Committee to deal with questions raised under these Rules and of any disciplinary matters. In the absence of either the President or the Deputy President, one other member of the Management Committee shall be co-opted onto the Sub Committee.


7.   At the absolute discretion of the Sub Committee, relevant parties to a protest or complaint will be allowed to make oral representations to the said Committee.



8. Any Club, League or Area Association who suspends a player from taking part in competitive crown green bowls, shall report this fact to The Association, who, after at least 14 days after the hearing of the Club, League or Area Association, shall consider the facts of the suspension and if the circumstances warrant it, extend the suspension to cover the area of their jurisdiction. Only the Sub Committee as indicated in 6 can increase or decrease the period of suspension. The Management Committee may demand the production of any books, documents or other evidence deemed necessary to the Association. Should any Player, Club, League or Area Association refuse to furnish such evidence as may be required, or refuse to attend the enquiry, the Management Committee shall have the power to suspend such Player, Club, League or Area Association.


If a player makes a complaint and fails to get satisfaction from his/her Club, League, Area Association or The Association, he/she shall have the right to appeal to the British Crown Green Bowling Association.



                                                                APPENDIX - PART TWO


                                The meaning of names, phrases and words :-


                (1) ' The Parent Body'     - British Crown Green Bowling Association


                (2) ' This Association'    - Welsh Crown Green Bowling Association


(3) ' Area Association'    - Any of the four Area Bowling Associations who are members of the Welsh Crown Green Bowling Association, namely Flintshire, Glyndwr, Gwynedd and Wrexham District.


                (4) ' The Chief Executive' - The Chief Executive of This Association






Revised 22nd. February 2010 following Annual General Meeting

Ivor Williams CEO