I would like to thank everyone who has sent me information in 2012 to be included on the W.C.G.B.A. web site and hope that for the most part people have been satisfied how that information has been displayed.

Special mentions have to go to Roy Mills (Glyndwr) Dave Walker (Flintshire) TerryWilliams (Sponsorship Officercome photographer etc.)Cath Rogers (Ladies Section) Dusia Price (referees) Peter Higham, Ivor Williams and Pauline Lindley.

Another mention has to go to Mike Ormond who runs the Welsh Message board of which I know some people are not fond of especially in the Wrexham Area! But the fact is it is a great facility where people post right up to date information that I sometimes would not get for a few days, and at the moment this is the only facility for this type of information.

Hope I have not missed someone!!

People keep coming back to a web site to see up to date information.

Without all these people I would not be able to keep this site as up to date as I think it generally is kept, so once again I thank everyone for your support and if anyone has any ideas or anything new they would like to see please get in touch and I will try to oblige.

Regards Malcolm Parry

W.C.G.B.A. Web Site Manager