Glyndwr Crown Green Bowling Association

President Mr. Peter Scott


Secretary                                          Chairman                                                       Treasurer

Roy Mills                                            Peter Scott                                                   Roy Mills

4 Ffordd Uchaf                                 51 Bishops Walk                                          4 Ffordd Uchaf

Old Highway                                     St Asaph                                                        Old Highway

Colwyn Bay                                       Denbighshire                                                Colwyn Bay

LL28 5YB                                           LL17 0SU                                                       LL28 5YB

01492-530108                                  01745 -583504                                             01492-530108



To Club Secretaries,


                              Welsh Senior Merit Saturday May 15th


The following players have been allocated to the following greens to play the qualifying round for the Glyndwr Area


Green 1 Old Colwyn                                                            Green 2 Meliden


Paul Walley               Sunny Rhyl                                        Anthony Harper       Sunny Rhyl

Andy Jones               Sunny Rhyl                                        Jason Jones              Sunny Rhyl

Dave Trickett           Sunny Rhyl                                        Trevor Heath            Sunny Rhyl

Barry Philips             Eirias Park                                        John Davies              Min-y-Don

Wyn Williams           Min-y-Don                                         Dave M Jones           Min-y-Don

David Beech              Abergele                                           Dennis Lloyd            Abergele

Dylan Pritchard        Abergele                                           Mark Jones               Abergele

Alan W Jones            Abergele                                           Colin Evans                Rhos Park

Steve Lawley            Rhos Park                                         Andy Bray                 Rhos Park

Mark Whitely            Rhos Park                                         Roger Wilson            Rhos Park

Sion Jackson             Rhos Park                                         John Davies              Rhos Park

Ivor Jones                 Rhos Park                                         Berwyn Williams     Dyserth

Lewis Scott               St Asaph                                            James Williams        St Asaph

Matthew Foster       St Asaph                                            Ian Trickett              St Asaph

Phil Nash                   St Asaph                                            Steve Dace                St Asaph

Bill Alcock                  St Asaph                                            Gareth Foster           St Asaph

Chris Slater               Colwyn Bay RBL                               Steve Barron            Colwyn Bay RBL

Henry Campbell       Colwyn Bay RBL                               Mark Lawton            Colwyn Bay RBL

Elfed Morris              Colwyn Bay RBL                               Martin Svilis              Denbigh

Julian Parry              Denbigh                                             Ian Tibbetts              Denbigh

Keith Watson            Trefnant       


Official in Charge Peter Scott                                           Official in Charge     Roy Mills


Please note that all players MUST report to the Official in Charge by 1.0pm for the draw to be made. Any player arriving after this time will be scratched. Any player unable to attend please let me know prior to the date of the competition. We have been allocated 4 qualifiers from Glyndwr therefore the competitions will be played down to the last two at each green


Roy Mills